Whole house water filters effectively reduce most contaminants

Whole house water filters prove to be of great help to keep your entire household safe from water contaminants. They are beneficial to the health of your plumbing and household appliances as well. Whole house filters are connected to the main water line and you can feel assured of clean water from every single faucet in your house. May it be well water or municipal water; whole house systems prove to be highly effective and beneficial.

Whole house water filters are connected to the main water line that enters your homes. This enables filtered, cleaned water to reach all places, faucets, showers, baths, kitchen and laundry. There can be different types of contaminants. Find out level of contamination of water that you get from municipal authorities and choose appropriate filtration system for your homes. You can protect every faucet the plumbing in your house by installing whole house filters.

You can find several manufacturers of whole house water filter systems. Among the popular ones with great performance are Wellness MG-III, GE household water filtration unit, Aquasana’s Rhino EQ-300, Crystal Quest’s Eagle compact, several systems from Culligan, Whirlpool and many other manufacturers. These systems use state of art filtration technology to reduce sediment, chlorine, iron, sulfur, sand, rust and other contaminants. You would find the difference in the taste of water which is much healthier than without a filtration system.

Aquasana’s Rhino EQ-300 is virtually maintenance free. It effectively removes chlorine and the bad taste and odor that is often common in tap water. Wellness MG-III are also known for their capacity to remove harmful contaminants without removing the useful minerals. You can feel its effect on your skin and hair, surely would find it softer.

Most whole house water filter systems typically have several stages of filtration. They mostly have sediment filter cartridge as the first step that helps reduce sediments, silt, sand and dirt. Next stages usually may be filtration using micron filter pads, ion exchange resin, GAC to remove hundreds of contaminants effectively. A solid carbon filter is mostly the last step as it effectively removes most (VOCs) volatile organic carbon compounds like insecticides, pesticides and industrial solvents.

Whole house water filter systems have the capacity to handle larger water flow than the point of use systems. You are assured of clean, pure water at every faucet. Moreover sediments which are the major cause of damage to the plumbing system as well as appliances like washer, dryer and water heater are effectively reduced substantially. Such systems also reduce chemicals like chlorine immediately after entering the plumbing system thus preventing their release into air. With reduction in contaminants you will notice reduction in soap scum on dishes and find clothes fresher and cleaner. Having softeners along with these filtration systems also relieves you from unsightly staining and scaling of bathrooms and kitchenware.

You can find a great difference in the water you use; you can get as good quality as bottled water. You can have pure, clean and safe water anytime you want. Your plumbing system, water heating appliances and other household appliances are sure to last longer. You can feel assured of getting safe water for the entire household.