Chill out with mint flavored water

There are several delicious flavors available in flavored water and one such flavor that has spawned different variations is mint. You can choose from different mint flavors and simply chill out with a cool glass of mint flavored water in your hand.

While you might notice a lot of bubbly sodas sharing space with bottled flavored drinks, you might have also noticed a new player on the block. Mint flavored water is slowly capturing online and store shelf space after capturing the imagination of flavored water drinkers. Bottled flavored water brands include dasani, pure life, clearly canadian and aquafina, among others, but most of these brands have fruit flavors such as strawberry, lemon, peach, black currant, etc. However, metromint, which makes flavors that are solely based on mint, offers several exciting flavors such as subtle spearmint, original peppermint, tangy lemon mint, fresh cherry mint, and decadent chocolate mint. Metromint is the tasty brand of mint flavored drinks from Soma Beverage Company that is based in San Francisco, California.

Basically, Metromint does not have any competition since it focuses solely on mint-infused flavors. The biggest advantage that you can get by drinking their flavored water is that the mint used in its drinks is totally natural and the flavored water does not contain any sugar or artificial sweeteners such as aspartame. The water itself is purified using the reverse osmosis system that ensures that it is totally safe for drinking purposes. The company has its own water-purifying and bottling plant that enables them to keep a tight leash on the quality of its products. The mint used in flavoring the water too is pesticide-free and you can be sure that there are no harmful chemicals entering your body as you enjoy the cool taste of mint enhanced water. Mint plays an important role in reducing stomach aches, freshens up your breath and hydrates your body in a cool and refreshing way. The medicinal benefits of mint are well known and you can now enjoy these benefits by drinking out of a smart-looking metromint bottle.

In addition, you can also make homemade flavored water by buying various flavors over the Internet so as to have them home delivered. You can simply make flavored water by adding a few drops of your favorite flavors into pure water that could have been filtered through your brita filtering system. Flavors made by reputed companies do not contain any sugar, sweeteners, colors, or preservatives, thus making it safe for everyday drinking. You can now alternate between drinking your homemade flavored water and various wonderful flavors of Metromint to keep your palate happy and impatient for more each day. This will ensure proper hydration throughout the day. Since mint helps in improving digestion, you will certainly notice a positive affect on your health, especially if you have stomach-related problems.

Mint is not only tasty but also offers several medicinal benefits if it is consumed in its natural form. Mint flavored water by metromint not only offers a niche product in several tasty variants but also cures stomach problems without burdening your body with harmful additives. You and your loved ones will certainly love the taste of fresh mint even as you chill out with a bottle of Metromint in your hands.