Hydrate your body with dasani flavored water

You might love playing your favorite outdoor game or might also have to travel a lot, or could be exercising regularly at the gym. However, all these activities require regular re-hydration. You could simply lose out on good health if you do not drink water regularly. However, if drinking plain water bores you to dehydration then simply hydrate your body with dasani flavored water and stay healthy for life.

Dasani bottled flavored water is made by the Coca-Cola Company and has successfully competed with other brands such as aquafina by Pepsico and clearly canadian by the Canadian Mist Water Inc. Dasani itself offers various options in flavored water. For starters they have their flavored bottled water that is available under the name of Dasani Flavors, which is in four flavors, namely Lemon, Grape, Raspberry and Strawberry. Dasani has also come up with light flavored bottled water that is offered under the name Dasani Essence and is available in three different flavors, namely Lime, Black Cherry and Strawberry Kiwi. These bottled flavors also do not have any calories or any preservatives.

Each plant of the company uses a reverse osmosis process that first filters the available water before adding the required flavors. Thus what you get is pure drinking water with a light hint of various flavors. This makes it desirable to drink it in large quantities without feeling overpowered by the particular flavor. Dasani has managed to garner a large fan following in whichever market it has entered over the past few years. You too can turn into a loyal fan by trying out their different flavors and then sticking to the ones that you love the most.

The company too is very environmentally conscious and in addition to reducing the weight of the bottle over the years has also initiated various programs to help recycling efforts so as to minimize pollution and reuse its bottles in different forms. These enhanced flavors can also help you to remain hydrated without feeling bored and your health too will register a positive growth as your parched muscles get the required amount of water that is required for better health. You can now carry your dasani flavored water in your gym or sports bag or even in your travel bag so that you always have tasty water by your side.

You can also look at various alternatives to bottled water such as using flavored water drops that can be squeezed into your bottled water, filtered water or water from your dispenser. You can make these homemade drinks extremely fast and also make your own flavors by blending in different flavors at one time. You should make sure that these flavors do not harm your body in the long run or increase your weight by adding on useless calories. You can also enjoy these flavored drinks while having your meals or whilst eating a hot dog.

You are sure to remain healthy if you replace the water that is lost while exercising, traveling or hiking. All you need is dasani flavored water in your bag and you can tastily replace all lost fluids at regular intervals even as you eagerly await your next hydrating break.