Infuse your water with passionfruit flavored water

Has your life become as dull as the boring drinking water that you are forced to drink hour after hour, day after day? Well, you can now turn your life around and enjoy the same water in various wonderful flavors. Among other flavors, you can also infuse your water with passionfruit flavored water and tastily keep dehydration at bay.

Flavored water is turning into an alternative to plain drinking water very fast all around the world. People that forget to drink adequate amounts of water or suffer from diabetes and cannot have sugary drinks or even children that need to be reminded regularly to drink large amounts of water have now found out a tasty solution to these age-old predicaments. Flavors such as lemon, strawberry, melon, black currant, peach, pineapple, and especially passion fruit are loved by adults and children alike. You too are sure to love plain water that has been enhanced with passionfruit flavor. You can use water from dispensers or from your portable pitcher fitted with a brita filter and then simply put a few drops of passionfruit flavor into it. You can also throw in a few ice cubes to get deliciously tasty flavored water and if you wish for a bubbly drink then just use carbonated water instead of plain drinking water.

While flavor concentrates can help you to make homemade flavored water very fast, you can also opt for passionfruit packaged bottled water available readily in most stores and even over the Internet. You can also get these drinks home delivered when placing online orders. While popular brands such as dasani, clearly canadian and aquafina have various flavors other than passion fruit, other companies such as VitaZest can provide you with passionfruit bottled water that you can drink happily. However, whether you opt for homemade flavored water or readymade bottled flavored drinks, make sure that your final flavored water is not loaded with any sugar, calories, preservatives or artificial colors or sweeteners such as aspartame or sucralose since they can affect your growth in an unwanted manner if you consume them regularly. Your passion fruit flavored water should be made from natural fruit essence and should be devoid of any harmful additives.

The filtered water that you use in your flavored water should also be totally safe enough to water your plant or to be used as drinking water for your pets, including dogs. All essential minerals should be retained so that it provides an enhanced taste when you infuse it with your passionfruit flavor. This will ensure that you do not get any bitter after-taste and remain free from any harmful bacteria, heavy metals or dangerous chemicals when you enjoy sipping on your flavored water.

Drinking plain water can be a boring chore and before you start slacking off from drinking vital water and slip into dehydration, it would be better to shift towards a cold glass of flavored drinking water. Passionfruit flavored water is one such flavor that will tingle your taste buds and encourage you to keep on drinking water at regular intervals so that you remain cheerfully hydrated right through the day.