Natural flavored water offers taste plus good health

If you are tired of drinking same old tasteless water but are afraid of shifting to other tastier drinks due to health concerns then you can now shift to drinking flavored water that offers great taste without any associated health risks. Natural flavored water offers taste plus good health and you can happily sip on various flavors throughout the day.

Natural flavored water is at its best form when you chop up your favorite fruits into small pieces and put them in your drinking water that has been passed through a brita or any other reliable filter. Add in a few pieces of ice and you have chilled, tasty and naturally flavored water that you and your loved ones including children can sip right through the day. There might however be some problems in arranging for certain fruits that you might love. Your children too might want fruits that might be out of season or might be available at an exorbitant rate at your neighborhood grocery store. Cutting the fruit when it is perfectly ripe could also pose a problem since over-ripe fruits might prove to be too mushy and might thus get rejected by children.

However, you can also get the same natural taste of almost all fruits in the shape of a 30ml flavoring bottle. These flavors offer natural and enhanced taste without any harmful chemicals or additives entering your system. You can now enjoy flavors such as black currant, raspberry, lemon, peach, melon, etc and also combine flavors or even add honey to come up with your own unique signature flavor that could have your friends and family licking their lips in sheer palatable pleasure. These drinks can be made very fast since there is no cutting or slicing of fruits to be done. You can also make such homemade flavored water by the gallon when you add it in your dispensers during a party or a get-together. The absence of any additives makes it totally safe for diabetics and children too.

Flavored water thus provides a very healthy alternative to fizzy sodas since you can also blend these flavors in carbonated water to get cool sparkling flavored water. Packaged bottled water such as those offered by dasani, aquafina, pure life and clearly canadian are also available in neighborhood stores and you can also get the bottles delivered to your home. But, make sure that there is no sugar or sweeteners such as aspartame or even artificial colors or preservatives in these bottled flavors since it will certainly affect your growth in an unfavorable way. The best part about these small flavor concentrates is that you need not lug heavy bottles when you leave your house. Simply carry the small bottles and squeeze in a few drops of the flavor in filtered water even when you are traveling or exercising in the gym.

It is extremely important to stay totally hydrated but it is equally important to drink water only in its purest form to stay healthy. Natural flavored water offers you and your loved ones a chance to move from plain water to tasty water without compromising your health.