The market situation of the product metromint flavored water

Metromint was launched in 2004 by Scott Lowe and Rio Milura through their company, Soma Beverage Company, LLC. Their mint-flavored drinks quickly attracted the taste-buds of the public since no other brand offered flavored water that had their base ingredient in the form of natural mint. With sales increasing steadily over the years the market situation of the product metromint flavored water seems to be bright even as it competes with larger brands in the market.

Metromint is available in six tongue-tickling mint flavors including fresh cherry mint, juicy orange mint, subtle spearmint, original peppermint, decadent chocolate mint and tangy lemon mint. Metromint has no direct competition from other brands such as dasani or aquafina since all of metromint’s flavors are mint-based while those of their competitors are based on various fruits. This has enabled metromint to grab a large market share without much opposition and the brand has now managed to firmly slot itself in the top ten selling bottled flavored waters in its category, namely natural foods, as per by This California based company now has several American and Canadian fans that have shifted from drinking boring and plain water to mint infused delicious water.

One of the major reasons for capturing a large market shared within a short span of four years can be attributed to the fact that metromint uses real mint leaves and even their other ingredients are natural. Their mint enhanced flavored water does not contain any sugar or artificial sweeteners such as aspartame or sucralose, thus making it totally safe to drink after a heavy workout, while hiking under the hot sun or while traveling over long distances. Since mint leaves have natural medicinal properties such as calming down an upset stomach, reducing stress, curbing acidity, and many more, all the variants of this tasty mint-flavored drink can affect the drinker’s health in a positive way. The company also has its own water purification and bottling plant so as to keep a strict check over the quality of its bottled and flavored water, although there was a problem during the last quarter of 2007 when it had to recall a particular batch of its flavored bottled water due to issues related to purity.

The company seems to have learnt well while navigating the initial stumbling blocks and has now captured an increasing number of taste buds, and a chunky share of the market. In these fast times, few people have time to make homemade flavored water after cutting fruits and dunking them in water filtered by their brita or any other filter. Metromint simply offers consumers a taste of mint-flavored water blended with other fruits and even chocolate. Customers can also hop over to the Internet, place their orders from any or all of the six delicious flavors and get then delivered to their homes. The company has witnessed excellent growth in the past few years due to its innovative flavors that have been bottled up in attractive bottles.

Metromint has simply observed a need in the market for healthy flavored water and filled it with a niche product that carved out its place in the market without directly competing with any similarly existing product. The market situation of the product metromint flavored water indicates that it has successfully braved minor hiccups and could soon aim for the top slot.