Why flavored waters are popular

There is no doubt as to why flavored waters are popular both with adults and children. As water is very important in our lives and it is essential to drink at least eight glasses of water daily, many find it difficult to maintain this intake of water every day. Therefore more and more people are opting for flavored water which is not only delicious but also helps you to stay hydrated.

Since water is not only tasteless but unless one is really thirsty it is difficult to drink, and since drinking soft drinks and colas are harmful for your health it is a good idea to switch to flavored water that can even be made at home. Flavored bottled water is also sold in the market today. The main aim is to get you to drink enough of water a day, especially for children who do not like to drink water.

Water that is flavored gets a totally new taste and it is very refreshing as it contains natural herbs and minerals. Adults can also opt for flavored waters that do not have any sugar in it. For those who find buying flavored water too expensive, they can buy flavored drops instead which is less expensive and can be added to chilled water to make a tasty drink. Flavored drops are easily available in all flavors that range from banana cream, Irish cream, vanilla, strawberry and pineapple to mint, ginger and chocolate.

Children are usually delighted with the wide range of flavors that are available in the market. But one can easily make interesting and innovative flavored drinks at home using cucumber slices, crushed ginger, orange, crushed mint and even coconut! A bit of coffee can be very refreshing. It is wise to keep a huge container with chilled flavored water (the kind your family loves) in the refrigerator so that they can drink the water willingly at regular intervals. This will help in keeping their bodies clean metabolically and maintain their body temperatures.

Natural flavors should be used instead of artificial sweeteners, preservatives and artificial flavors. Choose flavored bottled water that does not hae sugar or artificial sweeteners so that you can ensure having a healthy and balanced lifestyle. All you need is a drink of water with a hint of flavor in it so to be safe, don’t go in for drinks that promise to “calm” you or even give you extra energy!

It is best to prepare the flavored water yourself at home using fresh and natural ingredients. Consuming flavored waters is one of the best ways of ensuring water intake on a daily basis. There are a variety of home made flavored water recipes that will make it enjoyable to you and your family. Be careful while choosing your flavored water if you are buying it from the market as there are some brands that may be equivalent to drinking juice and which will not give you the benefits of drinking water.