With each new recipe flavored water tastes better

Instead of remaining stuck to drinking the same bland water, you can try out various recipes in flavored water so as to remain refreshed and healthy day-after-day. Your liquid culinary skills are sure to improve as you concoct one tasty flavored water recipe after another. With each new recipe flavored water tastes better and is sure to help you to stay healthy and happy for a very long time.

There are scores of recipes in flavored water that can even be customized to suit your taste buds. You can start out by using plain or chilled water filtered through dispensers or through filters such as those made by brita. A simple squeeze of a lemon along with a little sugar can provide you with refreshing flavored water. However, you can turn bolder and experiment with cucumber slices or even cut pieces of strawberry, apple, melon, peach or any fruit that you or your children love. You can also eliminate sugar from your recipe so as to drink flavored water that simply contains a fruit of your choice. You can also slice and dice different fruits and mix them together so as to create your own unique recipe of flavored water. However, you might not have access to all your favorite fruits at all times and storing this flavored water would also pose a problem if you want to retain the freshness.

Alternatively, you can look at flavor concentrates that are readily available in stores and also over the Internet. You can choose from several delicious flavors and again blend different flavors to create your own recipes. These flavors can be home delivered and can also be turned into a lucrative business if you can market them in your own neighborhood. You should choose flavors made by a reputed company since that they do not contain any artificial color, sugar, calories, preservatives or sweeteners that could negatively affect the growth of your body. You can also adjust the strength of the recipe by adjusting the number of drops and also use these flavor concentrates in carbonated water to come up with tasty sparkling water recipes. Each flavor can give an enhanced taste and you can certainly enjoy these drinks with your loved ones, especially children.

If creating your own recipes seems too tedious then you can also opt for packaged bottled flavored water. Many brands such as pure life, dasani, aqualife and clearly canadian have come up with readymade recipes that can tastefully tickle your taste buds. You should however be aware that some of these drinks use artificial sweeteners such as sucralose and aspartame that might not be suitable for you on a daily basis. Creating your own recipes with natural fruits or natural flavor concentrates can help you to explore unusual and unknown tastes that could help you to stay hydrated in a wonderful way. If you have fresh fruits at all times then you could certainly try different recipes but if you do not have fresh fruits at hand then natural flavor concentrates that are available in 30ml bottles can allow you to make several delectable recipes.

You do not need a huge filtration plant and huge bottles of flavoring to make your own recipes of flavored water. A small pitcher of filtered water along with ice and natural fruits or fruit concentrates can easily allow you to create your own flavored water. With each new recipe flavored water tastes better and also allows you to offer delicious flavors to your loved ones.