Enjoy fruit bowl water melon with your loved ones

Instead of snacking on fried and fatty food or drinking sugary sodas, you can now have a lot of fun creating your own fruit dishes as well as drinking fruit flavored sparkling water without piling on those calories. You can now enjoy fruit bowl water melon with your loved ones to prevent dehydration from entering your home in a tasteful way.

You can enjoy eating fruits or drinking their juices all year round. Even though it might be winter outside and your trees might be covered with frost, you can still enjoy various delicious flavors in the comfort of your warm home. There are several ways by which do can do so. You can buy farm fresh fruits from the market or even pluck them from your own farm if you have grown them on it. You should also buy different flowers so as to present a visual arrangement that will be loved by children and adults alike. One fruit that almost everyone loves is watermelon.

You can simply cut a water melon and put those pieces in a pitcher filled with plain or sparkling water. In order to make it visually appealing, you can surround your pitcher with a floaral arrangement so that everyone entering your home is attracted towards the table. Your loved ones can now drink to their heart’s content even as they remain hydrated in a flavorsome way as anyway most fruits are made up of approximately 90% water. This is a healthier option to buying bottled fizzy drinks that only contain sugar and other artificial ingredients.

You can also add other fruits and vegetables to your watermelon to give a unique twist of your own. You can add grapefruit, lemon, kiwi fruit, apple, etc to entice children that might not like plain watermelon. You should cover the pitcher or fruit bowl if there are flies in your neighborhood. Pieces of watermelon can also be mixed with other fruits and kept in a fruit bowl for people that only want to eat the fruits. Alternatively, if watermelon is not available then you can still buy flavors that are made from natural essence and blend them in a pitcher full of plain or sparkling water. This combination too is extremely tasty and your loved ones can sip on these healthy drinks all day long.

If you are arranging a party in your house then a floral arrangement that surrounds your fruit bowl watermelon chunks along with other fruits is sure to be a hit with everyone as it offers a tasty and healthy option. You can sprinkle rock-salt or pepper or add honey to your fruit pieces to make them tastier in an imaginative way. Your guests will surely love to eat those fruits while sipping on the flavored sparkling water that you place next to your fruit bowl. These appetizing foods and drinks can be enjoyed before, during and after a meal.

If you truly want your loved ones to stay healthy and hydrated without turning up their noses then you should experiment with various fruits including watermelon. You can present your fruit dishes and flavored water within a floaral arrangement so as to attract everyone towards the table. Your guests are sure to love your fruit bowl water melon variation when mixed with other fruits and light spices, and presented in an attractive manner.