I am sure you are asking what New York seltzer water is.

I am sure you are asking what New York seltzer water is. I certainly was when I began this article. But with a little research I came up with the entire scoop on genuine New York Seltzer Water (originally made in California).

New York Seltzer Water was considered by many to be the best tastiest non-alcoholic beverage that was ever produced. It was simple seltzer water with lots of flavor and it sparkled with fizz and bubbles and tasted unique and great. There were at one time before the early 90’s, all different types of New York Seltzers sold in short, squat bottles with a picture cartoon of the New York skyline on the label. Many people from New York remember how the fizzy taste mixed with spaghetti and meat balls as well as pizza, or they remember ordering the drinks at the racquet or swim clubs that their families belonged too. It was truly a fond memory of many who grew up in the New York area.

Many people remember the black cherry, vanilla cream and root beer flavors. There was something unique about these three flavors mixed with the taste of the carbonated water. It was called by many as light and yet bubbling with flavor and people claimed they could drink them by the dozen. Unfortunately this brand of soda pop was discontinued in the early 90’s and you can now only find cheap imitations instead of the real thing.

The story of how New York Seltzer Water started is very interesting also. The careers of Alan Miller and his son Alan have all the piazza of any movie about daring young entrepreneurs. The Millers hit the beverage scene in the early 80’s what many consider the first wave of the designer beverage craze. Among all the many soft drinks on the market at that time, the natural flavored seltzer water became a hit and sales bubbled to $100 million in 1986 in just two years. But with all the other large soft drink bottlers climbing on board with their own designer waters, the Original New York Seltzer Water could not keep up with the big players and discontinued in the early 90’s leaving a lot of people with only summer memories.

But now it is possible to produce at home your own original flavored seltzer water. Using a device that put CO2 under pressure into your own tap water and then adding your own flavoring, you can bring back that memory from New York into your own home. The seltzer bottle devices can be found on many websites online as well as the flavors that can be used.

Did you know that Sweden has been the leading innovator of flavored carbonated water?
For the last 6 years, with a world market share of 2/3rds and increasing?

More and more people are turning to flavored carbonated water due to its amazing refreshing taste and huge health benefits as it has no added sugar, colors, preservatives, sweeteners, fruit concentrate or calories. Some of the many great fruit flavors that can be purchased include black currant, apple, lemon and blueberry and many more.

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