Soda water is an effective home carpet cleaner

Cleaning a carpet at home can be a task. If you have children and pets at home keeping it clean may turn out to be a daily chore. If you want to remove stains immediately, you can easily do so at home without too much of efforts. Baking soda and soda water are two things which can easily help you to remove stains and deodorize carpets. They are easily available at hand in most kitchens and are effective and environmentally safe too.

You may hardly find anyone without baking soda and soda water in the kitchen. You may have heard those old folk tales about the best cleaners, baking soda and soda water. That’s true; these two are really highly useful as cleaners for different types of dirt and stains. You need not buy commercial products and spend huge amounts to clean a carpet. Soda water is a great home carpet cleaner.

Acid stains need immediate action. Acid spill like vinegar, drain cleaner need to be handled immediately. Use club soda to dilute them immediately. Then make a solution of 1 part of ammonia and 10 parts of water. Rinse in cold water and let dry. The stains can go easily if done immediately.

Even vomit stains and odor can be removed. First blot up vomit as much as possible. Dilute immediately with club soda or soda water. Apply ammonia and water solution and rinse with cold water

Another easy yet effective method you may use is a mix of soda water and salt. Crush some salt on the area that is stained and then add soda water to it. Leave it for about half an hour. When you come back vacuum it. Rinse it in cold water and see, the stain is gone.

You can also remove red wine stains using soda water. Add peroxide to water in 30:70 ratio. Apply the mixture and wait for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes remove the moisture as far as possible and rinse with vinegar or water. Add more vinegar if any stain remains. Similarly beer stains can be removed using soda water. Just mop up the stain with a paper towel. Sponge the area with soda water to get the beer stain off. Even for the coffee stains, sponge it with soda water and blot dry. Repeat the process until the stain is gone.

Fountain pen ink stains can also be removed with soda water. Use diluted soda water and then mop up as much as possible.
You can also use baking soda for carpet cleaning. You are aware that baking soda is a deodorizer. If you want to get relief from odor just sprinkle baking soda on the carpet and leave it for two to three hours and then vacuum.

When you want to clean fiber rugs it is advisable to use soda water. A simple method for doing it is using a cleaning product mixed with carbonated water. Spray a light mist of mix on the tough stains to be removed. Scrub the carpet clean with a round buffer after spraying the soda mix in rotational movement. The mixture makes the stains disappear.

Soda water is very useful for removal of stains on carpet. There are several uses of soda water as home carpet cleaner. Use it carefully so that you do not damage your lovely carpet.