Collectible ceramic mineral water bottle

Mineral water has been popularly used for over decades now. There are several people around the world that still prefer to rely on mineral water as a source of pure and hygienic water. To make mineral water interesting, manufacturers had come up with unique and antique designs in ceramic mineral bottle. Over time, it became a fad to store collectible ceramic mineral water bottles. The collectible ceramic water bottle makes it even more interesting to gulp pure and hygienic water. Right from the shape, color and the message and design embossed on it, you shall find a variety in collectible ceramic mineral water bottles.

Since the ancient times, bottles were created using clay and thus it was easy to shape it up in a desired manner. Some collectible ceramic mineral water bottles include the ones with Codd neck. A stopper was used that to fit into these necks to protect water from dust particles. These bottles are no longer used and have become collectors’ items for many. They make an artistic piece that can add up to your décor. Most of the collectible and unique mineral bottles come with common base that is smooth.

There are several shapes that were tried out in mineral water bottles. Most of these styles and patterns are no longer used but still make collectors excited. Some of the ancient mineral bottles are sleek, or fat at the bottom and thin at the top, while some come in round shape and some in even a structure that signifies something. Where most unique bottles are transparent in color, you shall also find the ones that come in aqua, brown, black, amber and many other eye catching colors.

There are both large and small size bottles. Some simply come in square pattern with the top in a sleek shape that also looks attractive. The small and round ones and the tall round ones that taper at the top remind one of Aladdin’s days. You shall find every kind of ancient and amazing shapes and sizes in collectible ceramic mineral water bottles. The Vintage bottles are eye catching and can certainly impress your guests. Even today these unique mineral bottles are available on sites like ebay. You will have to pay a good price to own them, as there are a number of people trying to collect the best and unique bottles.

These unique bottles have been used some time or the other in the previous era. Though they may still not be used, they certainly make a good collection. You shall find few wine manufacturers using some of these unique bottles to woo customers. An attractive ceramic mineral water bottle surely gets noticed. These antique bottles did not cost so much in olden times, but their beauty is what is making people spend large amounts to own them today.

Ceramic water bottles are getting back in demand and manufactures are trying their best to create designs that depict the style of yesteryears. You can find these ancient ceramic mineral bottles at selected stores. You are sure to maintain these collectible bottles well as you know it may be difficult to get another one. Collectible ceramic mineral water bottles are interesting and it can please your guest when you offer them water in one of those unique bottles.