Five Gallon Water Bottle Pump Dispenser

Five gallon water bottles have proved to be very useful where water supply is not available, like summer homes, camps, offices or even homes where number of members in the family is fairly large and the supply water is not enough, especially in summers. These bottles are home delivered upon placing orders and this makes them convenient as compared to lugging water from stores. These bottles can be used along with dispensers or can be used with pumps. Five gallon water bottle pumps are easily available in all stores selling bottled water.

Five gallon water bottle pumps are available in manually operated or battery operated models. The pumps, manufactured by different manufacturers, are usually of the same size so as to allow easy fitting on all standard five gallon bottles. For manual pumps, you need to press the top of the pump, which may be like a knob. When it is pressed, water is released through a small spout. The spout comes with its own small cap so that the spout can be capped and water remains safe from any insect which may crawl in to the spout.

Using a five gallon water bottle pump turns the bottle in to a fountain. Two or three pumps are all you need to fill up a glass and drink fresh water. The pump comes with a siphon tube. When the pump is fixed on the bottle, the tube reaches the bottom of the water bottle. It pulls water up without any wastage. The tube is generally detachable so that cleaning is easy. This kind of arrangement works well for sporting events or picnics. The pump comes with a silicon seal which keeps it fixed to the mouth of the five gallon bottle.

The five gallon water bottle pump dispenser is especially useful in places where there is no room for a water cooler. It also eliminates the need to but dozens of disposable small water bottles when going on a camp or picnic. You don’t need to lift a five gallon jug to pour water. There is no spillage and no wastage.

The electrically operated five gallon water bottle pump dispenser comes with an on/off button at the head of the pump. Just a button needs to be pressed to have a glass full of water. The batteries for this kind of pump need to be replaced when you find that it is not working. Some pumps come with a complete set which consists of a plastic cup dispenser also so that there is no need to search for a glass when you want to drink water.

Care should be taken while purchasing five gallon water bottle pump dispensers because they are generally made of plastic. Make sure that the plastic is of good quality and non toxic so that the water does not get contaminated. These pumps are very useful in the times of power outages when even a water filtration system at home becomes useless.

During emergencies, when there is shortage of municipal water supply, it is a good idea to install five gallon water bottles along with pumps. These pumps are very easy to install also. The utility and ease of using of these pumps has made them very popular.