All about the sunbeam water cooler hot & cold dispenser

It is important to know all about the sunbeam water cooler hot & cold dispenser before you think of installing one. No doubt such a kitchen appliance is a necessity these days considering the amount of time it saves you as well as the handy availability of hot and cold water whenever needed. The appliance allows you to dispense either hot or cold water for various uses like making sauces, noodles, tae, coffee, soups, oatmeal, baby food, cereals etc. If your home has elderly people or even young children it can be a huge boon.

This unit is highly durable with easy to use features that make it attractive. It is easy to clean and has a deep drip tray that is removable and helps you to clean the dishwasher or sink with ease. Models usually feature a blue colored faucet to dispense cold water that is perfect for your drinking purposes. A white colored faucet would dispense water of room temperature that is good for meal preparation and cooking whereas the red faucet would obviously dispense hot water which is terrific for preparing hot drinks like tea, coffee, hot chocolate and soups.

A thermostat that is adjustable make it easy for you to control the temperature – how cold or hot you want the water to be. The red faucet is also generally child-resistant. Other child-proof and safety measures are also available which will prevent accidental burning or scalding. Some models have a no-spill bottle piercing cap that prevents spills while placing full bottles of water on the machine.

The sunbeam water cooler hot and cold dispenser is ideal for any home kitchen or even the office or hotel lobby etc. Guarantees against malfunction are given with the unit. Most instant hot water dispensers like the Sunbeam hot shot 6170 and 6131 are compact and need you to pour water in them every time you need hot water as they only hold around 16 oz of water at a time. Apart from plugging them into a suitable electrical outlet they do not need any other installation. These types of dispensers are less dangerous for little children.

The sunbeam water cooler hot and cold dispenser has knobs for adjusting the temperature of the water. Range of temperature does vary from one type of dispenser to the next. Minimum temperatures are 140 or 160F while the maximum are 190 to 200F. Dispenser faucets are also available in different colors like back, white, copper, chrome and gold etc. Auto-shutoff, long levers, handles that are spring-loaded etc are available. Regular sizes produce around 60 cups of instant hot water per hour.

If you are not confident of installing or repairing certain problems of the sunbeam water cooler hot and cold dispenser, it is advisable to seek the advice or hire the services of a professional or licensed electrician/plumber. If problems crop up during the warranty period then the company service agent should repair or replace the unit in your residence at no cost at all. However, any accident, misuse, alteration, abuse, wrong installation etc that causes damage will not be covered by the warranty.