Common hot water dispenser problems

If you are interested in buying a hot water dispenser then you should know all the common hot water dispenser problems that can crop up. Instant hot water dispensers are like most water heaters and these have a limited life and will fail at some point or the other. Regular examination for replacements and leakages etc should be done. Use of a drain pan that is connected to a drain and fitted with a leak detector must be used.

Hot water dispensers are generally equipped with a grounding conductor and pin. It is advisable to check with a licensed or professional electrician if your instant hot water dispenser is well grounded. Hot water dispensers are fast becoming a necessity in every kitchen due to the handy availability of hot water for soups, tea, coffee, sauces, noodles, and countless other uses in the home. If you have elderly people or children you will no doubt find this appliance a boon.

Common problems with hot water dispensers are:
* Steam and water jets forcefully out from the dispenser spout without the faucet being turned on. The reason could be that the unit is boiling. You have to release the water from the tank by depressing the faucet lever, adjust the temperature of the water by using the dial switch.
* The water is not really hot enough. This could be because the unit is unplugged or the electrical outlet is faulty. Make sure that the water dispenser is properly grounded and connected and that the fuses and circuit breaker are in good functioning order.
* Water being dispensed is too hot or too cold. It is obvious that the thermostat needs to be adjusted according to your needs. Adjust it slowly and then depress/twist the faucet for around 20 seconds to allow fresh water to heat at the new temperature setting. After 7 minutes the water should be at the new temperature.
* Water comes out of the vent and not from the spout. This could be because of blockage in the outlet tube. The tube could be twisted, kinked or pinched at some point. You should unscrew the end piece of the spout and brush out any debris.
* Water drips from the vent or spout. The cause for this could be that the spout is blocked or the expansion chamber is not draining well due to low pressure. First you would have to unplug the unit. In case the dripping continues then you have to check if the water supply valve is open fully and that there are no deposits or obstructions that could be causing a low pressure. A water filter that is clogged, a badly mounted saddle valve and a half-open shut-off valve could also be the problem. Make sure that the tubes, spout end piece etc are free of debris of any kind.
* Constant dripping. This could be because of debris in the water tubing and faucet valve. Clean out the spout end piece and twist or depress the faucet lever around 10 times to clean out/flush out the lines and faucet.
* Bad water taste/odor. The filter has to be flushed and cleaned out. The life of the filter could have expired. Replace the filter cartridge and then flush the faucet by running the water through it for some time.