The convenience of a portable water purification system

A portable water purification system is one of the most ideal travel accessories found today. This appliance is convenient and handy whether you are out camping in the wild or even at home in need of safe pure water to mix your baby’s formula and other foods. One of the most disconcerting facts according to the US EPA is that almost 90 percent of the water supply of the world is contaminated.

Since the water you get in most cities is not safe for drinking purposes it is necessary to have a water purification system installed that will ensure safe and pure water in your home. Different contaminants like bacteria, viruses and microorganisms as well as chemicals that are unwanted are present in water. While boiling water can kill the biological microorganisms and bacteria, it does not destroy chemicals. On the other hand, a water purifier does both – destroys chemicals and biological contaminants making the water clean and safe for drinking and other purposes.

A portable water purification system can be taken or carried with you anyplace where you are uncertain of the purity of the water supply. There are two types of portable or travel water purifiers that are available – nonchemical and chemical. These in turn are of different varieties:
1. Iodine: These purifiers fall into the chemical category. Iodine is even more effective than other purifiers of the chemical kind. It has to be stored in dark containers as it is sensitive to light. For some though, this type of water purifier is not an option for water treatment – especially those who are allergic to iodine.
2. Chlorine: This is another way to treat and purify the water and is a great alternative for those who do not use iodine. This chemical treatment is quite popular. The chlorine is added to the water and then allowed to settle while it does its work of cleaning the water.
3. Nonchemical: Some of these water purifiers use a filtering system while some use the ultraviolet light

Before you can buy a portable water purification system you have to know that a water filter is not basically a water purifier. It is important to know that a water filter will remove suspended particulate matter from the water according to the filter size and how small or large the particles are so that they are caught by the filter. Water filters do not destroy or remove microorganisms, bacteria, viruses or even chemicals.

There are different similarities in the names of the products being sold. Some of them remove herbicides, suspended particles, lead and pesticides and some of them don’t. It is important to choose a model that will suit your needs. If you are always on the go and travelling a portable water purification system unit that is lightweight and small is a good option.

It is also necessary to check the independent ratings of travel water purifiers. Some of them meet EPA standards for the removal of bacteria, virus and other microorganisms. Once you actually use a portable water purification system you will know which product works well and which ones have flaws. Reading customer reviews really help.