The whole house water purification system

The best whole house water purification system would be one like the Kenmore Whole House Water Filter 38440. This purification system has to be attached to the main water supply and provides you with clean, safe and filtered water for all uses – drinking and others. Further more it comes with an option that allows you to choose between unfiltered and filtered water.

The advantage of a whole house water purification system is that you have a better flow of water and less clogging. The only thing is that for this type of system you will need a professional serviceman to install it. Before you decide to install a particular unit in your house it would be good for you to do a little research regarding the different types available and also to read consumer reviews as they will give you an idea of flaws if any, the working and prices of models.

A whole house water purification system can help protect you and your family against all types of water contaminants – physical and biological that can cause allergies, sicknesses and even damage the appliances in your kitchen and home. These whole house filters have to be connected to the main water supply so that the water that is dispensed from all the faucets in your home is filtered and pure. Getting a whole house water purification system will enable you to have complete peace of mind as to your family’s safety.

A whole house water purification system consists of the main filter and one or more filter cartridges. Sometimes the company asks you to install more than one filter housings in order to have a double layer of filtration – one for the bigger or larger sediment particles and the other for small particles, chemicals and viruses. There are special types of filters available for hydrogen sulfide, bacteria, viruses and other chemicals present in your water.

A whole house water purification system can filter almost 100,000 gallons of water between changes of filters. There is a button to release pressure that informs you when the filter needs to be changed. Filter life will depend on the amount of contaminants and usage of water. Whole house water purification systems generally work as a POE (point of entry) system. This means that the water is purified and filtered right at the main supply line before it enters your house. This means that even your toilets, sinks, bathrooms, kitchen and your appliances will have water that is filtered and pure. All types of sediment, minerals, chemicals microorganisms like viruses and bacteria as well as bad taste and bad odors can be removed.

There are many advantages of having a whole house water purification system. These systems can handle a larger flow of water than a countertop water purifier. They can remove both sediments as well odors and bad tastes. Sediments can cause damage to your household appliances therefore a whole house water purification system can save your dryer, dishwasher, hot water heater etc a lot of wear and tear.