Hotpoint refrigerator water dispenser repair tips

Here are some hotpoint refrigerator water dispenser repair tips. With the popularity of refrigerator water dispensers it is also becoming increasingly obvious that it is essential to know how to fix certain problems that can crop up like water spills, leaks, drips, frozen lines etc. People are opting for refrigerator water dispensers because of the wonderful advantages it offers. Apart from the ease and convenience of getting chilled water and ice cubes whenever you want them, there are other factors that make this feature so attractive.

Having a water dispenser in your refrigerator door allows you to help yourself to water and ice without opening the fridge door too often. This in turn reduces energy costs. Whether you have a side by side refrigerator water dispenser or a door one, the problems and repairs are generally the same. The common problems are water drips, leaks, slow flow, frozen water lines and faulty water valves. There are many ways you can fix these by using your common sense and most times you don’t need to call in a repair man if the problem is not too severe.

The first step is to find out the exact problem. If there are water leaks it would help to check out two things:
1. If you have already changed your water valve it cannot be the problem so then it could be that the switch is the problem and is not closing the valve properly.
2. There is a possibility that your main water supply pressure is too high and causing excess water leaks.
All water connections have to be checked regularly to see that there are no leaks anywhere.

Another common problem is a frozen water line. These water lines can freeze either inside the freezer door or inside the section for fresh food or even in the reservoir. The best and easiest way to find out if the water line is frozen is to pull the water line off the valve that supplies water to the reservoir and then try to dispense the water. If the water does not flow out of the water valve it means that the valve is faulty and you would have to replace it. If the water flows out of the valve then it is probably the water line that is frozen.

Hot point refrigerator water dispenser repair does involve common sense. If the water line is frozen it is obvious that you should thaw it out. You can do this by either shutting off the refrigerator for 24 hours. The water should start dispensing one the ice block thaws out. You can also use a hair dryer on the frozen water line for about 20 minutes. This will also clear out the block. The water reservoir is usually a plastic container or even a long roll of line. You can heat the reservoir by using a hair dryer on it till the water starts to dispense.