Important information on refrigerator water dispenser problems

If you are a person who has refrigerator water dispenser problems then it is important that you have useful information as to how to deal with them. It is no secret that refrigerators with water or ice dispensers are getting to be more and more popular with people today because of the ease and convenience they offer you. But like most appliances there are advantages and disadvantages. There are also many factors one should take into consideration before buying a refrigerator water dispenser.

Remember that the water and ice dispenser of your refrigerator is complex. There are many components that work together to provide you with the ice and water you need. Simple problems of this dispenser may be leaky water tubes or even a jammed/blocked ice chute. If your side by side water dispenser does not work as usual you should check and see if you have good steady water pressure that is supplying the refrigerator and if your water filter does not need any changing.

The water valve can be the reason of your refrigerator water dispenser not working. To check the valve you have to pull the water connection off the valve that supplies water to the reservoir in the food section. Then you should try to see if the water gets dispensed. If water does flow out of the water valve then the valve is fine. If the water does not flow out then it means that the valve is not okay and the problem could be electrical. The problem could also be in the dispenser. However it would be wise to disconnect electric power from your refrigerator.

You should check for another problem with the refrigerator water dispenser which is the frozen water line. This is one of the most common problems in a refrigerator water dispenser. These water lines get frozen in two places – inside the fresh food area that is in or near the reservoir or inside the door of the freezer. All you have to do is to pull the water line off the water valve that feeds the reservoir and try to dispense water. This will tell you if the line is frozen or not. If the water does not flow out of the valve then the valve is faulty if the water does flow then the line is most likely to be frozen.

If you are dealing with the above mentioned refrigerator water dispenser problems then the coupling at the freezer door bottom should be disconnected first. After this try to dispense water. It is obvious that if water continues to flow through the line, it is frozen on the inside of the freezer door. GE Electronic refrigerators that were produced after 2002 have this problem. To solve this problem you have to reconnect the usual coupling and then open the door. Keep pressing the lever to try and dispense the water till the water starts to flow. The water will start flowing in around 15 minutes.