Samsung refrigerator water dispenser repair

Here are some points about your Samsung refrigerator water dispenser repair. Refrigerator water dispensers are extremely popular with the public because of the many advantages they offer the customer. Some of these are the easy availability of cold water and ice cubes at any given time, the convenience of having ice cubes and water on a fridge door without opening the fridge, the fridge door remains closed for longer periods of time thus reducing energy costs in the long run, elimination of going to the store for bagged ice (something that elders would appreciate), etc. However one cannot ignore that there are some disadvantages and problems that can crop up from time to time.

Before having a technician or company repairman to come and have a look at your refrigerator water dispenser it would help to know a few facts about home repair. This involves a bit of common sense and handy work. The first thing is to ascertain what is wrong with your refrigerator water dispenser. There could be many problems like slow flow, leaking or dripping of water, no water being dispensed at all, an electrical problem or even a faulty water valve etc. Once you have determined what is wrong with your water dispenser the next step would be to tackle it.

If your Samsung refrigerator water dispenser seems to have no water being dispensed at all, or a slow flow, the reason could be due to a couple of things like a faulty water valve, bad water supply or even frozen water lines. If you have been away and have turned down your heat while you were away it could lead to frozen water lines. You will have to turn off the water connection valve that feeds the reservoir and then check the water lines at the back of the refrigerator. Using a hair dryer on the section of tubing for around 20 minutes might do the trick of releasing the ice block and getting the water to flow again. If this is not your problem then you could check out the water valves and replace it if it is faulty or bad.

If you live in an area of hard water supply, then sediment could coat the tubes and also block the valve. You would have to thoroughly clean both out to get a strong water output. Also it would be wise to check out the valve that connects your water supply to the water line. If your water dispenser is musty then this can be fixed by using vinegar to kill the germs that could grow in the water tubes and clean out the whole system.
Other Samsung refrigerator water dispenser repair tips are: It is advisable to shut off the electrical connections before you do any checking of the valves etc. Leaving your refrigerator water dispenser to defrost completely for 24 hours would take care of any frozen water lines or pipes. Often the line will freeze inside the refrigerator door. Leave the door open for around half an hour to thaw the line. Installing a heater to thaw out the water line is a good idea.