Why refrigerator water dispenser has no pressure

If you are wondering why your refrigerator water dispenser has no pressure, it is obvious that you need to have information about how to deal with problems that can crop up with your refrigerator water dispenser. Today refrigerators with features like water dispensers on the fridge door etc are becoming very popular on account of the convenience and ease with which you can get chilled water and ice cubes whenever you need it.

A refrigerator water dispenser is very handy especially if it on the fridge door as you don’t have to open the fridge door too often to get your cold water or ice cubes and this eventually saves you a lot of money. Elderly people find this feature a big boon as it eliminates having to go to the store for bagged ice. Besides if you are the type of person who entertains often it is very handy to have ice cubes whenever desired. However there are a few problems that can crop up with the water dispensers. For example, the water can stop being dispensed, there could be a slow flow or no pressure, there could be leaks or spills etc.

Sometimes if there is no pressure it is possible that the water line to the dispenser on the door is leaking. To make sure you can check the drip tray to make sure that it is not broken, cracked or out of place. The water and ice dispenser is complex as there are a lot of components that work together to produce the ice and water you need. Most times it is the freezing of the water line that is the problem of no pressure in the water flow and complete stoppage of the water.

You have to check the water valve by pulling off the water line that feeds water to the reservoir. Try and dispense water. If the water flows out of the valve, it proves that it is fine. If the water does not flow out of the said valve then the problem could be electrical or the valve is faulty. Listen carefully while making an effort to dispense water. If you can hear a buzzing sound but no water flows out it means that the vale is faulty. If there is no buzzing sound then it could be that the problem is in the water dispenser itself. Make sure that you disconnect the power before you check for electrical problems.

When a refrigerator water dispenser has no pressure it could be that the water lines are freezing up. This could happen inside the fresh food sector in the reservoir or inside the door of the freezer. The best way to find out if the line is frozen is to take of the water line from the valve that feeds the reservoir and get someone to try and dispense water. This way you can check if the water flows out of the valve (which means that the line is frozen) or not (which means that the valve is bad).