Pur water filter replacement cartridges

With industrial growth has come a lot of industrial waste also which has ruined the quality and taste of ground water found in springs, rivers and wells. It is subject to contamination from chemicals like lead, nitrates, cadmium, lindane, atrazine, and microscopic parasites like cysts, cryptosporidium and other bacteria. Drinking bottled water is not only expensive; it is also dangerous for the ecosystem with all the plastic waste generated. Municipal water plants treat water with chlorine to kill bacteria before supplying it to household. Chlorine itself is carcinogenic and should be avoided in drinking water. So it is imperative that a good water filter that removes impurities should be installed by households individually. This is a convenient, hassle free and inexpensive option to safeguard one’s health. A good filter can serve for a lifetime if the filter cartridges are replaced periodically.

There are various versions of water filters like counter top filters, faucet filters, shower filters, whole house filters, under sink filters and even portable filters for those who are always on the move. These consist of a cartridge filled with activated carbon granules. This carbon traps impurities and odors. When used for a long time, the impurities may congest the carbon cartridge and the quality of water may not remain the same. So it is important to use replacement cartridges like Pur water filter replacement cartridges. These cartridges maintain the functioning of water filters to optimum levels.

Pur water filter replacement cartridges can filter up to four hundred gallons of water in a year if replaced at recommended intervals. The expenditure incurred on cartridges is negligible if you consider the cost of four hundred gallons of bottled water. Moreover, the bottled water may only be ordinary tap water packaged attractively. Pur water filter replacement cartridges contain carbon to trap impurities and odors. In addition, there is also an ion exchange resin which takes care of lead and copper content in water. It does not remove fluoride which is important for dental health.

Pur water filter replacement cartridges for refrigerators are compatible with refrigerators of most leading brands. Installing them is easy and without mess. The result is only fresh and tasty cold drinks and ice cubes. Pur water filter replacement cartridges are also available for kitchen sinks and pitchers. Proper care must be taken to replace cartridges because too much sediment deposit on the filter cartridge can affect the performance of the filter.

Some filters come with an auto shut off feature which shuts off the filter automatically when the filter cartridge becomes clogged with impurities. Some filters come with indicator lights which glow when the filter cartridge needs to be replaced. Even in absence of such features, it is easy to find out if your filter needs a Pur water filter replacement cartridge if the water tastes or smells bad or if the flow of water reduces. It is recommended to replace water filter cartridges every six months depending on the water condition and usage. Pur water filter replacement cartridges are available at most stores selling water filters and also online. They fit in to almost all filters of reputed brands making the task of water filter maintenance completely free of any botheration for all water filter users.