Replacement water filters

Water is essential to keep our body hydrated and to aid key functions of the body like respiration, digestion, blood circulation and temperature regulation. Bacteria and industrial wastes contaminate all water sources like wells, springs and ground reserves. Municipal water treatment plants use chlorine to kill various bacteria in water and chlorine is actually harmful for humans. Not only that, it has an unpleasant odor and is also ineffective against some organisms like cryptosporidium. Hence, it is advisable to use water filters at home to ensure that we drink clean and safe water without spending on bottled water. The only cost involved after installing a filter is getting replacement water filters on regular intervals.

Water filters come in various versions. There are models which are installed at the point of entry of water or at the point of usage of water. The ones installed at the point of entry are whole house filters and shower filters. The ones installed at the point of use are counter top filters, under sink filters and refrigerator filters. Refrigerator filters are also called ice maker filters. The operational and maintenance costs of various filters and replacement water filters must be compared before settling on the correct filter that suits one’s requirements and budget.

A refrigerator filter removes the taste and odor of chlorine to give you tasty ice cubes and cold drinks. These filters need to be attached to the tubing behind a refrigerator. Refrigerator replacement filters are not very expensive and are also easy to change, without any professional help. Moreover, a single filter is good enough to dispense about 500 gallons of water and also comes with an indicator which lets us know that the filter needs to be changed.

A simple water filter consists of a cartridge filled with activated carbon and this cartridge traps all the impurities and odors in water. This cartridge becomes congested with impurities over a period of time and this may reduce the efficiency of the filter. A replacement water filter is the answer to maintain the quality of water at its best always. There are various brands of replacement water filters which are compatible with refrigerators of almost all top brands. The most commonly available brands of replacement filters are Aquasana, Doulton, Omni and Pur. These can be fitted in refrigerators of leading brands like Samsung. These filters are a great advantage in any kitchen as they give clean and fresh tasting water and ice cubes for all purposes like cooking, baby food preparation and also for cold drinks.

There are also other kinds of replacement filters like faucet mount replacement filters, dispenser replacement filters, pitcher replacement filters, counter top replacement filters and under sink replacement filters. These help us to tackle water contaminants like organic and inorganic chemicals, micro organisms and stay away from life threatening diseases caused by such contaminants. There are also replacement filters for portable water filter bottles for people who are always on the move. It is important to flush a new filter at least once to remove fine particles from the filter. It is recommended to replace filter cartridges once every six months or so depending upon the usage and water conditions which vary from place to place.