Chilled water with vitapur full-size water dispenser with fridge

If you are tired of filling tap water into bottles and shoving them in your fridge or find packaged bottled water too costly to drink on a daily basis then you have an excellent alternative. You could simply visit stores that stock vitapur home products and enjoy drinking chilled water with vitapur full-size water dispenser with fridge.

Although there are many brands sold in actual and online stores that deliver cold water, there are very few that deliver hot, cold and room temperature water, and also sport a cute fridge below the taps, all neatly packed within a single unit. Vitapur water coolers are made by Greenway Home Products. Their full-size water dispensers with fridge have several advanced features such as adjustable thermostat for cold water, a higher efficiency CFC-free compressor for better cooling, indicator lights that indicate when the unit is ready-to-dispense the desired water, insta-hot feature that provides hot water within around 2 minutes, and stainless steel reservoirs that increase the life of the product. The insta-hot feature eliminates the need to keep the water warm at all times and thus saves electricity.

This full-sized dispenser also has taps that are easy to use and more importantly has a child-proof lock on the hot water tap. The unit is compatible with both 3 and 5 gallon bottles and is available in white and black color. Vitapur also has a model that is available in stainless steel and which is fingerprint resistant, thus offering form and function at the same time. You can simply add vitapur’s 3 gallon bottle with built-in filter so as to directly convert your tap water into hot or cold pure drinking water that is free of any contaminants. You can also keep your cans of beer or fruit juices in the fridge, which is located at the bottom half of the unit, to be chilled so that you can enjoy them later. You can walk into any store that sells these models or can also log on to various online stores and place your order at the click of a button.

If you pit packaged bottled water versus your vitapur full-sized dispenser then your vitapur dispenser wins by a mile. It not only dispenses hot, cold and room temperature water at the press of a button but also does that in a very cost-efficient manner. It also features an inbuilt fridge. There are no empty bottles to dispose off after drinking your water since the larger bottles are reusable. Small bottles also require ridiculous amounts of oil to manufacture and transport, and are also very costly to buy on a daily basis. Some brands of packaged bottled water also have each helpful mineral extracted from it and this negates all health benefits associated with drinking pure drinking water. What this proves is that in the fight between your own water dispensers with fridge vs. bottled water, it is your dispenser that wins by provides clean and healthier drinking water at a reasonable cost.

If you want your health to remain safe along with that of your loved ones then the vitapur full sized water dispenser with fridge can offer you cold and hot water at the press of a button. It can also keep other items that might be required to remain chilled at all times. You can visit the company’s website at All their dispensers are energy star rated and you can thus enjoy chilled water with vitapur full-size water dispenser with fridge, and can even add delicious flavors to sip it all day long.