Drink pure drinking water from your tap water dispenser

If you are not confident about drinking water from your tap or are going broke while spending a lot of money on packaged bottled water then there is a cost-effective solution to your drinking problem. You can drink pure drinking water from your tap water dispenser without worrying about falling sick or filing for bankruptcy.

You can go in for the full-size bottleless model that requires plumbing so as to connect your tap water to the input of your water dispenser. You will now be able to get pure drinking water on a point-of-use or POU basis, i.e. you will get filtered water as and when you need it. These systems have an inbuilt filtration unit that removes all contaminants before delivering safe drinking water to your glass. What this means is that you can get water which is free from harmful chemicals, heavy metals and dangerous bacteria. However, such models can be quite costly and you could look for other alternatives too.

If you would not like to purchase large 3 or 5 gallon bottles then there is a solution that can help you to enjoy drinking filtered tap water without resorting to any plumbing. You can go in for full-sized or countertop models of water filters that accommodate large 3 and 5 gallon bottles, and then use a 3 gallon water bottle, which has an inbuilt filter. These units and the bottle with the inbuilt filter are made by vitapur and there are several models that you could choose from. You could also buy the model with a facility to provide hot and cold water almost instantly and these models could easily be used at your home, office or workshop.

The 3 gallon bottle that sits atop these dispensers is a wonderful alternative to buying packaged bottled water. This 3 gallon bottle has an inbuilt filter fitted on the neck of the bottle. All you have to do is to fill the bottle with ordinary tap water and invert it over your dispenser. You can now enjoy the benefits of drinking cleaner and pure drinking water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water. In the battle between tap water versus bottled water, it is bottled water that loses since it consumes a lot of oil in manufacturing and transporting and also causes a huge environmental problem during disposal. The 3 gallon bottle along with the filter helps you to enjoy drinking tap water safely but with the convenience of drinking bottled water. All you need to do is to replace the filter at the specified intervals.

Vitapur, which is owned by Greenway Home Products, offers dispensers in various models and several wonderful colors. The dispensers also have a lock on the hot water tap so as to protect accidental usage by children. The 3 gallon bottle with the inbuilt filter also fits with most other brands of bottled dispensers that are sold in various stores.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of drinking filtered tap water, which has many helpful minerals and also want to save a lot of money by enjoying the convenience of bottled dispensers then you can choose from a wide range of tap water and bottled water dispensers. You can surely drink pure drinking water from your tap water dispenser or use the reusable 3 gallon bottle that only needs tap water to offer both convenience and a low cost of operation.