Diet water should really be referred to as water in your diet.

And water in your diet is one of the very best ways, to make any diet work – and work better. Whether you are dieting to lose weight or just making a lifestyle change to eat a healthier diet, you must remember the water.

I always tell the story about when I decided to get serious about losing weight. And this time, I was going to make sure I drank plenty of water. I found a formula to go by – 8 eight ounce glasses plus another eight ounce glass for every 20 lbs that I wanted to lose. Well, that meant about ten glasses of water for me – 80 ounces every day!

Now, I hate water – it is boring and bland and has no taste. At least the municipal/tap supply in my city has no taste. So I was beginning to feel defeated before I even started.
I knew that bottled drinking water had become the popular new health fad, so I sat up a taste test to see if all the different waters really have different taste, I got spring water, pure drinking water, mineral water, and a bottle of our city water and put all of them in the refrigerator overnight to chill and then the next day, I did my taste test. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that every one of them did taste different and I fell in love with spring water.

Then I tried over the next several days – as many of the different flavored waters that I could. I am talking about bottled water that just has a “hint” of flavor which is different from flavored water. So, I decided that orange spring water was for me, plus no fat milk, juices and any foods that had water in them – such as soup. And that began the basis for my diet.

My diet worked and it worked faster than I ever thought it would. It was because of the water and fluids. And I also started to have more energy and feel better than I had in a long time. Now it is summer time and the heat is just brutal, so if I do anything outside, I make sure to drink water the whole time I am outside. This is the beginning of my lifestyle change – never to be without a bottle of water with me.

I also noticed something else – whenever I felt hungry, most of the time I was thirsty and not hungry. So when I start getting that feeling in my stomach, I first drink some water and most of the time I am really just thirsty so I am not eating nearly as many calories as I was. So, adding plenty of water and other fluids to my diet made it a great success and now it is just a habit and something I don’t think about anymore.

I do have an occasional diet soda pop, but I am not drinking them as much as I was. They have a lot of sodium in them and sodium makes a person retain water. And I have changed up the different types of water for variety. Sparkling water is quite good and a large assortment of calorie free flavors to flavor sparkling water to great taste is sold at

So, now I have a new lifestyle – a healthier one. All due to a diet with water. Try it – I know you will find that you feel healthier too.