Want to shed those pounds by just drinking water?

Weight Loss With Water

Weight loss with water is a good, clean, healthy way of losing weight. Water does not contain calories making it extremely healthy to drink as it is completely natural and does not contain any additives or flavourings.

Good hydration of your body keeps your fat metabolism working at peak optimization. Converting fat into energy is the primary function of the liver. If the body doesoot get enough water, it upsets the natural balance of the important organs that require a lot of water to function such as your kidneys. Your kidneys rely on having access to a lot water to do their jobs properly, if your kidneys do not have enough water, the liver has to help out as well as doing its own job of converting fat into energy.

This means the liver cannot metabolize fat as quickly and efficiently leading to the body retaining extra fat, which is not healthy.

Keeping your body well hydrated is the key. When you first begin drinking more water you may find yourself going back and forth from the bathroom an abnormal amount of times. This is nothing to worry about; it is the natural and healthy process of the body getting rid of all the water it has been saving for a rainy day. Drinking more water to lose water may sound like a strategy at odds with itself but the more water you drink the less water the body needs to store, this loss of stored water equals a loss in weight.

Whilst drinking water helps the process of weight loss, it is much more effective when done in conjunction with good exercise. If you just drink water you can expect to loose the weight of the water stored in your body but combining good hydration with a healthy diet and exercise regime will not only help reduce fat, it will increase muscle size (muscle is 70% water) and your bodys overall performance.

The recommended amount of water to keep hydration optimal is 96 ounces a day. In order to generate any significant weight loss you should be looking to drink an extra 8 ounces for every 25 pounds of additional body weight. It is also thought that eating ice can lead to weight reduction as water itself does not contain any calories and eating the ice burns off a similar amount of calories that eating low calorie food does.

Weight loss with water is an extremely good, natural way of helping the body to become more healthy. Water is a natural source of re-hydration and making the conversion from soft and fizzy drinks to just water can lead to your body shedding pounds even without large amounts of exercise. By avoiding drinks such as Sunny Delight and Coke you can lower the sugar and calorie content in your body and feel a lot healthier for it.