Is Setlzer Water Gluten-Free?

Is Setlzer Water Glutenfree

Gluten-free food consumption has become a growing trend for both consumers who choose to follow this diet and those diagnosed with Celiac Disease or other forms of gluten intolerance. One area that has seen incredible popularity among these consumers is hard seltzer beverages – these refreshing alcoholic beverages made of purified water mixed with fruit flavoring are often preferred over their more sugary alternatives; but are all of today’s top hard seltzer brands gluten free?

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye that provides dough with its elasticity for rising. While most people can tolerate gluten without adverse symptoms arising, those with an allergy, intolerance or Celiac disease may suffer digestive problems, skin rashes or fatigue from it; for them it’s vital that only gluten-free beverages such as sparkling waters or seltzers be consumed to ensure best health.

Well, good news – many popular hard seltzer brands such as LaCroix, Perrier Polar Bubly and Sparkling Ice are gluten free options that could provide refreshing drinks during this summer season! So for those on gluten free diets looking for refreshing beverages to drink it might be worthwhile exploring some of these alternatives.

LaCroix sparkling water may come as a pleasant surprise, yet many may not know that its sparkling waters are gluten free! According to its website, LaCroix sparkling waters are “free from gluten, added sugars, artificial flavors and colors, sodium”- which makes this brand great news for those living gluten-free lifestyles.

Perrier, Polar and bubly seltzer brands are all gluten free options to consider when looking for refreshing summertime beverages that are naturally gluten-free. So if you want something satisfyingly gluten free to drink, check out some of these options now.

Hard seltzer beverages have experienced tremendous growth as more individuals adopt gluten-free diets for health or taste reasons. Due to this trend, more gluten-free alcohol products have become readily available, and those on a gluten-free diet should make sure that all alcoholic beverages they purchase meet this criteria before consuming them. It’s always wise to double check all labels prior to drinking any alcohol beverages for safety before making a selection decision. By making sure that your inventory includes a range of gluten free offerings, you can attract new customers while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction. BinWise and BlueCart can assist with inventory management needs to ensure you offer customers only high-quality stock at all times, giving your business more time to focus on what matters. Click below for more details and information!