What’s the difference between bottled water and tap water?

Water sparkling or otherwise from a bottled source is a great way to guarantee better health. Most bottled waters or mineral water contain a number of minerals that are good for the body.

There are two main types of mineral water, sparkling mineral water and still mineral water. Still mineral water is the most common type. Sparkling mineral water differs from still in that it is infused with carbon dioxide to create the fizzy bubbling effect. Other ingredients such as salt or bicarbonate of soda can be added to the water to give the slightly salted taste of the homemade SodaStream versions.

Distilled water is water that has had everything completely removed from it. This is done through boiling the water, which then condenses to steam in a container. This proves doesnÕt just rid the water of the bacteria and other nasty organisms but also the minerals and vitamins that we require in our daily diet in order to stay healthy.

Even though water that has been distilled is completely pure it does not necessarily mean that it is better for our health. In fact distilled water is very rarely used as drinking water, instead its primary function is in laboratories where its lack of toxins of any sort mean it plays a perfect role in experiments that require complete sterilization.

The level of minerals in bottled water differs according to manufacturer. Most companies claim to have low mineral water, which effectively means their water is low in sodium.

It is claimed that this reduces water retention thus insuring hydrated, fresh and young skin. Many companies claim their water is high in calcium and magnesium, helping us to get our daily fix of nutrients we wouldnÕt have otherwise.

The different between water from a bottle and tap water in a water bottle is negligible.

Many people believe that tap water (in safe sanitised countries) is actually better for the body than bottled water. Normal tap water already has the right amounts of magnesium and calcium in it to meet the bodys daily requirements. The fact of the matter is that bottled water has no significant benefit over tap water. Its cheaper and more environmentally effective to fill up a water bottle with tap water than to just buy mineral water.

Water high in mineral content especially calcium is known as hard water. This water type is not harmful and just means it is a bit more full of minerals. Most bottled water is soft water. The manufacturer would have you believe this is better for you but there is no scientific proof that hard water is actually bad for our health.

In conclusion water sparkling or still is better for you than any other drink type as it is the most natural form of hydration on the planet.

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