Berkey light water purification system – reliable, powerful and user friendly for use anywhere

Water is the most important component for a healthy body. For the health conscious water is the way for a healthy body and healthy life. Any number of supplements or vitamins can never replace clean and fresh drinking water in its nutritional value. However, sources of clean and pure water have become scarce and it is difficult to find drinking water without any contaminants. Berkey systems have been providing purification systems for around 200 years now. They have a range of purification systems suitable to the needs of all. One of their popular and fascinating systems is the Berkey light water purification system.

Berkey light purifiers can be used to purify treated as well as untreated raw water. It has the ability to purify water from sources like remote lakes, stagnant ponds, streams, etc. It is a gravity fed purifier thus enabling its use in hostile environments which may not have electricity or water pressure to treat water. Berkey light has been tested with the maximum pathogenic contamination levels in laboratories. High level contamination, about 3 times the standard test protocol was tried out. No pathogens were able to make it through the purification systems. Even after incubating the water, nothing grew. The water was clean and pure with no microbes detectable under an electron microscope.

The filters used in the purifier are self sterilizing and re-cleanable filters. The purification of water is by removal of pathogenic bacteria, parasites and cysts. The purifier has the ability to extract harmful chemicals like herbicides, pesticides, organic solvents, radon 222, VOCs, etc. Even nitrates and nitrites can be removed along with unhealthy heavy metals like lead and mercury. It is very powerful and can even remove food coloring from water while retaining beneficial minerals that are required for the body.

Water is poured into the upper chamber of the Berkey Light. Water is drawn through the exclusive Black Berkey purification elements. The contaminants are trapped on and within the micro porous purification elements, thus removing them from the water. The lower chamber holds the purified water which is drawn from the upper chamber through a spigot. The water levels are visible at all times in both the chambers. The housing is made from shatter resistant and virtually unbreakable material called as Lexan which is even stronger than steel. Moreover it does not leach foul tasting plasticizers into water nor does it retain any foul taste and odor from the contaminants.

The unique feature of Berkey Light is the LED Base which lights up in no light or low light conditions. As the water droplets light up and glow it creates a very soothing pattern of lights in the surroundings. The overall atmosphere created is melodious and relaxing.

It is extremely useful if you are traveling and where you may find unhealthy or non-potable water source. It can work without electricity and water pressure. You can easily carry it around on your camping trips or your visit to the countryside. It is an extremely flexible and adaptable water purification system available.

Berkey light water purification system is reliable, user friendly, economical and powerful water purifier. It is suitable for any place and enhances the ambience as well.

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