Black Berkey water filters are the most powerful filter elements

Pure and clean drinking water is a vital part of a nutritional diet. However, pure and clean drinking water is precisely what is becoming scarce. The city water provided often contains fluorides and chlorine in amounts unhealthy for our body. There is need for additional filtering and purification systems. The Berkey purification systems are a renowned group of purification systems. The Berkey systems are considered a standard in themselves for the high level of purification they achieve in the removal of pathogens. The Black Berkey water filters are considered the most powerful filter elements currently in the market.

The Black Berkey filter elements are a part of the gravity filters. They have been tested in laboratories to check the level of purification they achieve. It has been seen that they can filter more than 100,000 or more pathogens per liter. It has the ability to achieve 100% pathogenic removal. There were absolutely no pathogens detected even under an electron microscope. The Black Berkey water filters can even remove food coloring from water without harming the nutrient minerals that are required by our body. The filters are powerful and can easily remove pathogenic cysts and parasites as well as unwanted and harmful chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, detergents, organic solvents, silt, nitrates, nitrites, etc. It can even remove heavy metals like lead and remove the foul tastes and odor in water without harming the beneficial minerals.

The Black Berkey water filters are an economical choice as these can be easily be cleaned a number of times. You need not buy expensive disposable filters. The cleaning is also simple. If you feel the water flow rate has slowed down, then simply brush the Black Berkey with a ScotchBrite pad under running water. You can easily reinstall it and your purification system is ready for use again. Moreover each of the filter elements last for up to 3000 gallons and that means several years of efficient water purification. The purification elements are self sterilizing and last in toughest of environments.

If you already have Berkey purification systems you can upgrade those with Black Berkey water filters which has the highest ability to remove contaminants. The filter elements follow an age old process of micro porous filtration as well as modern state of art technology. The material used is of the highest quality and makes it the best filtering system. The micro pores are so small that pathogenic bacteria can hardly ever pass through them. The elements incorporate adsorption media which results from molecular attraction of substances. At the same time it also incorporates proprietary absorbing media into the micro porous elements allowing ionic absorption of pollutants.

The water molecules pass through the Tortuous Path structure of the Black Berkey, drawn by gravity and enabling it to be in contact with media for several minutes which ensure efficient capture of contaminates. The flow rate or the amount of time of exposure enables the greatest volume removal of toxic chemicals and pathogenic bacteria.

Black Berkey water filters are the most advanced and highly effective filters. They are the best in the market and have become a benchmark for other filters. You can even use these in other filtering systems to get the same benefits. You can now rest assured about getting clean and pure drinking water which is so important for a healthy body and life.

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