Culligan water softeners

Clean and pure water is becoming scarce. You may have noticed that you require more amount of shampoo and yet it hardly gives a rich lather and soft silky hair. Your towels have turned from soft to coarse and the same feeling persist all your clothes. You may love to have a sparkling clean kitchen, bathroom and so on, but those unsightly stains and marks hardly give you that satisfaction. This is all because of the hard water that you are getting. So, what is the solution? Well, among the popular water softeners available for your home, the Culligan water softeners are highly effective and can help dissolve or remove the effects of hard water.

With over 69 years of experience Culligan offers a wide range of water purification and softening systems suitable for virtually any need and location. There are compact units as well as units with choice of time controlled or meter controlled regeneration. With their expertise and use of the latest technology Culligan offers different types of useful softeners suitable for every home. Culligan softeners are not just useful in reducing scale build-up but also help fight stains as well as improve the quality of drinking water. There are household softeners and filters available that ensure good quality water is obtained throughout the house.

The Culligan water softeners work on the ion exchange system to remove dissolved minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, etc. These are often trapped in a filter bed. The softeners have resin beads with sodium attached to the resin. When the water enters the tank the calcium and magnesium ions which are dissolved get attracted to the resin. In the process the minerals get attracted to the resin pulling them from water and resin in turn releases sodium in water.

Culligan water softeners help get better quality softened water. This helps improve water flow with reduction of scale deposits in the pipes. With softened water the soapy residues on clothes and skin are substantially reduced. You would be able to see the difference with cleaner and brighter clothes, cleaner skin and shinier hair. Overall with scaling and deposits reduced the household cleaning becomes much easier and economical. Moreover, water heating bill is reduced, which means that there is substantial energy saving. The appliances used and plumbing is also saved from hard water scaling.

The Culligan Gold series of water softener is very popular due to the different features provided for homes of all sizes. There are different volume capabilities as well as Soft-Minder meter that monitors water use and activates regeneration only when necessary.

Culligan offers MK10 Compact which offers softening technology in a compact design that can easily fit in under a sink in virtually any kitchen. The Water Genie is another remarkable softener on offer with a compact design and high performance water softening technology. It requires very less water and salt than most other competing models and is extremely efficient. Their Medallist series with a multi wall construction enables it to last longer than any other system.

Culligan water softeners are highly effective in improving the quality of water. The softening and filtering system makes your drinking water very safe and clean. Overall the softeners are very useful in home where hard water is a major cause of concern.