Dupont offers replacement water filters for their entire range of water filter systems

The market for the water filtration and purification systems is growing. There is a great demand for such systems despite purified water being supplied by the water authorities. There are often some contaminants in tap water. The taste and smell of water may also be affected and you may find it difficult to drink it as it is. The bad taste often affects the taste of beverages that you make and the odor can be a major reason why most people avoid drinking water. There are several manufacturers of water filters and purifiers like Dupont, GE, Whirlpool, Kenmore, etc. DuPont offers a variety of faucet mount water filters, pitcher water filters, refrigerator filters and even whole house water filters. They also offer replacement filters suitable for their different models of filters.

Dupont offers high quality water filters and replacement filters. They also have several types of replacement cartridges that can easily fit their specific filter model. Most filters that they make have antimicrobial product protection built-in that helps improve filter life and its performance. These filters can effectively reduce the harmful heavy metals and toxic chemicals from water. The water filter replacement cartridges are available for their faucet mount systems, pitchers as well as the whole house systems. It is advisable to replace the filters after the specified time period as it ensures that you get clean and pure water. Dupont is known for the long life of these replacement filters. Some customers have expressed satisfaction that the replacement filters have lasted longer than the life span advertised. The quality of water is not adversely affected to that great an extent.

You can easily find the Dupont replacement water filters online or at Walmart. However, some customers are critical since they find it difficult to find them at the convenience stores near their homes. If you take the example of the FM100W Dupont faucet mount replacement filters it is compatible with most standard faucets. It has a filter cartridge of 100 gallon capacity. It is effective in reducing Asbestos, cysts, mercury, lead, pesticides and many other toxic chemicals. The best part about it is that it does not take you more than a few seconds to attach it to a standard faucet.

The PTC300 is a Dupont replacement water filter for their Dupont Universal Pitcher. It has filtering capacity of 60 gallon with a 4 phase protection and filtration method. Another useful filter cartridge is the PTC100, PTC103 which has a lesser filter capacity but works as effectively as others. Similarly if you are trying to find a good filter for refrigerators then the Dupont High Capacity refrigerator filter series IR100 are the ones to pick up. It fits most brands of refrigerators and has long lasting filter capacity of about 4000 gallons. It can be easily connected to most brands of refrigerators and gives high quality, pure water with a highly improved taste.

There are replacement water filters available for all types of Dupont filters. You can easily choose the one that matches and fits the one you have at home. You can get replacement by calling up their customer care number if you find that any of your filters is damaged or not working properly. Dupont replacement water filters are high quality and rarely would we find any problem with them. If you have a Dupont filter and need a replacement filter you can easily find it sitting at home, order it and rest assured of getting clean and pure water for the entire household.