Triple water filter system +prices

Triple water filter system prices are not a considerable thing when you want pure and great tasting water for your family. The triple water filter provides you ultra pure drinking water this water is also good for cooking.

RO (Reverse Osmosis) water treatment removes 95% dissolved solids and pollutants from the water. The Triple water filter system uses best quality RO membranes. Generally the size of bacteria is about 0.5 microns and that of virus is about 0.05 microns. The highest quality RO membrane has the capacity to remove the particles of size 0.001 microns. So, the triple water filter system is the best quality water filter system because it uses RO membrane.

Some triple water filter systems are: High flow CSR triple water filter system, Crystal quest countertop triple multi ultimate water filter, COAP510 triple action water filter, Crystal quest under-sink water filter, Scotsman triple water filter system etc. The prices of these water filters are different and depend upon the quality of water filter.

High flow CSR triple water filter system provides best quality water for coffee and ice machines. The capacity of this filter is 27,000 gallons and flow rate is 5.7 GPM. The main feature of this filter is its improved MC2 cartridges with antimicrobial protection which reduces any bacteria growth in the water. This system also includes 20 inches coarse pre-filter, low pressure alarm for cartridge change notification and SR-X scale reduction feeder.

Crystal quest countertop triple multi ultimate water filter system is the perfect solution for tap water filtration. This system is very easy to use and install. The main feature of this system is its eight stage filtration which removes hundreds of contaminants from the water. Its solid carbon cartridge removes volatile organic carbon compounds from the water. This filter is very effective in removing harmful bacteria from the water such as salmonella, coli, fecal coli, and cysts. It also removes sand, dirt, rust, sediment and other un-dissolved substances. Its filtration capacity is 30,000 gallons and flow rate is 1 to 1.5 GPM. This system is replaceable system and this should be replaced every 3-5 years.

CO AP510 is under sink triple water filter. This compact system has quick change cartridge and a shut off valve which is in the head. You can connect this system to existing water line; there is no need of a separate faucet.

The triple under-sink water filter uses three separate filters for eight stage filtration. The first filter uses a sediment filter cartridge which removes sand, slit, sediment and dirt. This extends the life of water filter. The second filter uses a 6-stage cartridge which removes contaminants from the water. The third filter uses a solid carbon cartridge which removes organic compounds like pesticides, insecticides, and industrial solvents. The installation of this system is quick and easy.

Scotsman Triple water filter system removes 99% corrosive chlorine. It traps rust and dirt particles as small as ½ micron in size this results in crystal clear ice. This system also reduces the formation of lime scale.

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