GE water softeners effectively reduce the hard water problem that causes problems to your plumbing fixtures and other appliances

Water in some places is hard and contains calcium and other contaminants. Hard water causes lime scale buildup and staining on appliances, bathtubs, showers, etc. Hard water also leads to pressure on heating systems and appliances. Water softeners help reduce hardness of water to a large extent. You can feel the difference even when you wash clothing, dishes, etc. GE is a well-known brand manufacturing a range of products like washers, refrigerators, cook tops, water filters and softeners, air conditioners, etc. GE water softeners help reduce hard water build up and make it easy for you to keep your homes clean.

Even when you bathe using hard water you would not be satisfied with the effect it has on your skin. When you use it in the kitchen, for washing dishes the sparkle is often missing even after using lots of soap. There are often hard water marks on the dishes that give it an unclean look. The bathroom showers, tubs etc often have stains and seem unclean in spite of cleaning them regularly. Even your clothes have hard, dull look despite washing and cleaning them regularly. Overall the usage of soap and cleaning material is high. Hard water is often the cause of strain on heaters and other products causing them to consume more energy than would be normally required. GE water softeners may be able to effectively reduce the ill effects of hard water. Water softeners would help lengthen the life of several appliances.

There are several models of GE water softeners that would have capacity to soften hard water for small and large families. Depending upon the need you can choose the appropriate water softeners. They are easy to use and install. There is an installation kit provided which has proper instructions for installation and use. You do not need to purchase any parts for any purpose. Most softeners also have the status light flash and display which signals the time left to refill the salt. You can easily refill the salt storage opening. GE water softeners are known to use about 60% less salt than the conventional softeners.

There are several models of GE water softeners. The Super capacity model GNSH45E is suitable for a medium size family and has the softening capacity of 45100 grains per regeneration cycle. It has an advance electronic monitor that enables you to monitor the remaining soft water capacity, average water usage per day, level of salt, etc. The extra large capacity models GXSH39E and GXSF40H are suitable for larger homes and fit pipes measuring up to 1”. There are some models of GE water softeners available as well.

The quality of GE water softeners is very good. You would notice the effect and feel the difference in water that comes out of the faucets. The drinking water also tastes fresher and better. When you are washing clothes or towels with softened water they seem softer, cleaner and brighter. The life of clothing would also improve. It would prove to be great saving to your pocket with about 25% reduction in energy consumption. There is no reason why you should not have appropriate water softeners for your homes if the hard water is causing such problems.

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