The benefit of drinking water

According to an article just recently published this month on WebMD, the healthy benefits of drinking water for already healthy people may not have any real benefit.

Surprise! So why have we been told for years that we need to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day? So I guess that water is healthy put it can’t be proven. That makes no sense to me as we can just look around and see that with so much water in our systems that it must provide some essential functions.

I wonder what affect this information will have on the multi-billion dollar bottled water market. Probably nothing as health conscious consumers are deep into the trendy fad of always having a bottle of water with them. Now the environmentalists have started a new fad of Earth friendly bottles, producing a whole new market of trendy bottles in all sizes, shapes and colors.

If a person examines this issue clearly, it becomes obvious that water has abundant benefits since the earth, people and all other animals are about three-quarters water. The health benefits for regular water drinkers are many. Humans are made up mainly of water – in fact around 70% water. So it should be obvious that drinking plenty of water is very important to our well being. Without water we would dehydrate, and all our bodily functions would evidentially shut down and this shut down causes death. Also, water not only keeps our organs functioning, but a well hydrated body has energy and a healthy glow about it. Water not only increases energy, it is also necessary and essential for weight control, and keeping our bodies disease free by regulating body temperature and flushing out toxins and other waste.

Coffee, tea, sodas and alcoholic drinks which are mostly water, have a great taste but are full of compounds that are not healthy and usually cause extreme dehydration. After all, that is what a hangover after a night out is, a body that is dehydrated. We lose water naturally with exercise and illness, so with the extra ingredients that cause dehydration, it is necessary to replace that loss with more clean drinking water.

We also need water to deliver minerals, nutrients and vitamins to our muscles and tissues. So to be a healthy person – we do need to keep up our intake of fluids. We can live longer without food than we can without water and if this doesn’t prove the benefits of water, then I can’t think of any other more dramatic way to prove it!

Often when our sense of thirst kicks in, we mistake it for hunger and grab something to eat. So, the next time you think you are hungry, drink a glass of water and see what happens. Perhaps you are only dehydrated.

It is my opinion, no matter what the above mentioned new report says, the benefits of drinking water are so very obvious that there it no need to prove it with any further evidence.