Home five stage water purification

It is now common knowledge that natural sources of water are subject to severe contamination. At any given time, a simple test is enough to reveal that there are an alarming two thousand or more potentially dangerous substances present in water. These may be chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs, agricultural runoffs, animal wastes or microscopic parasites.

Municipal corporations treat this water at water plants but it picks up other contaminants while being transported via old rusty pipes which may be infested with microorganisms. Moreover the chlorine used to treat water itself is carcinogenic. It is of utmost importance that good water purifiers of reliable quality must be installed and used by one and all. With time, water purification system has also seen progress and home five stage water purification is an advanced system to obtain the cleanest and safest drinking water.

There are various kinds of water purifiers manufactured by many brands which are available in most home improvement stores as well as online. Water filters may come in various forms like shower filters, whole house filters, under sink filters, pitcher filters, faucet mount filters or counter top filters. Home five stage water purification can be incorporated in all versions according to the need of the user. The basic water filtration methods are carbon block filtration, wherein water passes through a cartridge containing activated carbon which absorbs all impurities and reverse osmosis, wherein water is forced through a semi permeable membrane which allows only pure water to pass through. There are other methods also like distillation or using ultra violet light or sedimentation or ion exchange.

Home five stage water purification can be a combination of various media of water purification like activated granulated carbon blocks, reverse osmosis membrane and sediment filter. The sediment filter removes sand, dirt and rust. Carbon blocks trap chemicals and unpleasant odors and reverse osmosis removes all the foreign elements in water.

Reverse osmosis is the heart of this kind of water purification system. So these are also called five stage reverse osmosis filters. These filters come in stainless steel or plastic housing that encases the carbon cartridges and reverse osmosis membrane. The carbon cartridges may get coagulated with impurities and a replacement may be needed once every six months or so. This duration may vary according to the usage and water conditions. The reverse osmosis membrane usually lasts for around three years.

Home five stage water purification is found to be effective in removing all possible contaminants like lead, barium, nickel, iron, cadmium, nitrates, bicarbonates, arsenic, asbestos, zinc, benzene, fluoride and microorganisms like cysts, cryptosporidium, giardia and other bacteria. This means that the water flowing from the water filter faucet is completely safe for drinking, cooking, preparing baby foods, cold drinks and ice cubes. It also saves all the money that you would end up spending on bottled water which might actually be ordinary tap water packaged in attractive bottles.

These bottles actually pass on harmful chemical from plastic to the water within. These bottles cannot even be recycled, adding to the environmental pollution when tossed here and there in landfills. Home five stage water purification is the most effective and inexpensive investment to obtain clean and safe drinking water at your fingertips.