Stainless steel 5 stage water purification

It is impossible to think of life without water. However, nowadays, all natural water sources are subject to alarming levels of contamination. Boiling water can kill the bacteria but there are dangerous chemical compounds and heavy metals in water which cannot be boiled away. Municipal water plants treat water with chlorine and chlorinated water can be the biggest reason behind cancer for many people.

It is important to install and use a water purification system at home which delivers clean and safe drinking water for the well being of one and all. Stainless steel 5 stage water purification can be the perfect answer to all water borne health problems.

Stainless steel 5 stage water purification is generally also known as 5 stage reverse osmosis because in this purification system, reverse osmosis is the most important stage accompanied by some other media for enhanced purification of water. These may be sediment filters and carbon block filters. This is an ideal combination of conventional as well as advanced methods of water purification which improves the quality of water to its freshest possible level. There are many brands available in the market and also online to suit every budget and space requirement. There is an array of options available like counter top models, pitcher filter models, under sink models or faucet mount models. The main components of these purifiers are essentially the same, though the size, shapes, colors and prices may vary.

In stainless steel 5 stage water purification, the first stage is generally the sediment filter which removes larger particles, dust, and rust. Then there is the carbon block filter which is a cartridge filled with granulated activated carbon which absorbs chlorine, odors, cloudiness and some chemicals also. There may be another carbon filter and then a reverse osmosis membrane.

It is a semi permeable membrane which allows only pure water molecules to pass though and all impurities are trapped. Then there may be post filter or a favor enhancer or an ion exchange resin to further improve the quality of water. The purified water gets stored in a stainless steel container and the purifier stops working when the storage tank is full. This kind of purification ensures that the water you drink is absolutely safe for drinking and cooking.

Stainless steel five stage water purification removes all contaminants like heavy metals which may be barium, cadmium, lead, chromium, mercury, iron and nickel, chemicals which may be chlorine, asbestos, nitrates, phosphates, bicarbonates and benzene and microscopic organisms which may be cysts, cryptosporidium and giardia.

The carbon cartridges need to be replaced every six months and the reverse osmosis membrane can be changed once every three or four years, according to the manufacturer’s specifications. The filters usually come with all the appliances needed for installation. Warranties very from manufacturer to manufacturer and some manufacturers also provide add-ons like mineral filters, de-ionization filters or P-H adjustment filters which can be combined with these filters.

The money spent on bottled water may actually add up to a small fortune without getting any benefits out of it because bottled water is as good as ordinary tap water, only packaged in attractive bottles. Installing stainless steel five stage water purification is a smart decision that saves your time and money.