Pur 3 stage water filter

Water filtration is no more a luxury in present times because almost all natural sources of water are inundated with contaminants like industrial wastes and agricultural runoffs. Municipal water treatment plants treat water with chlorine to kill the bacteria in water before supplying it to residences, but chlorine itself is known to be very harmful for human health. Not only that, chlorine also imparts an unpleasant odor to water. A good filtration system like the Pur 3 stage water filtration system installed at homes or offices can guarantee the best quality of drinkable water at all times.

Pur is a renowned name in water filtration products and has been manufacturing the best quality filters for a long time. The 3 stage water filter, as the name suggests, purifies water in three stages. They come as a combination of ion exchange resin and activated granulated carbon. This reduces chlorine taste and smell, sediments, and also lead and copper to give great tasting water.

Anyone’s health can be at risk if chemicals like lead, benzene, cadmium, nitrates, copper, asbestos, zinc and microscopic parasites like cysts, cryptosporidium and giardia reach the intestinal system. These are all filtered out in Pur 3 stage water filters to give everyone fresh and pure water for drinking, cooking, cold drinks, ice cubes and even baby food preparation.

The Pur faucet mount three stage water filter is a stainless steel filter which comes in a brushed steel finish. There are also flavor cartridges which can be attached to the filter to enhance the flavor of water. Then there is a filter in chrome finish and also comes with an indicator light which glows when the filter needs replacement.

There are models in white and black colors also. These purifiers may come with one or two replacement filters. Some filters are horizontal models and some are vertical models. These units can be attached directly to the sink faucet and needs just a twist to tilt back so that unfiltered water flows from the faucet for other chores.

Pur 3 stage water filter comes with an electronic indicator which glows to show the life of the filter. The design is very sleek and saves on space. The filter is very easy to install and one filter can clean up to one hundred gallons of water. Just a turn of the tap brings you clean and fresh water in a jiffy. All 3 stage faucet mount filters are interchangeable with any faucet mount system and can fit almost all standard faucets.

The first stage of Pur 3 stage water filters, which is a sediment wrap, cleans sediments like dirt and rust. The second stage is activated carbon micro filter that removes harmful chemicals. In the third stage, water is passed over a bed of minerals which imparts a delicious taste to water. It is a button free design with a swivel on-off function which adds to its practicality and aesthetics. These filters are NSF tested and certified also. Replacement cartridges are easily available and some models come with a set of cartridges also.