Ensure good health by using water bottles with filter

Unless you live high up in the Alps and have access to a stream of icy cold water, you could simply fall prey to contaminated water. High pollution levels and hazy regulations could result in the ingestion of polluted water that could play havoc with your health. The good news is that you now no longer need to pay an arm or a leg to save your stomach. You can easily ensure good health by using water bottles with filter.

There are various pollutants that could find their way into safe water sources and make them unsafe for drinking purposes. However, you might not have a choice if that water were to flow through your municipal tap or if you had gone hiking far up into the mountains. You do have a choice of now converting that water into crystal-clear and safe drinking water with an inexpensive water bottle with filter. The filter is fitted inside the bottle and uses a simple-but-effective filtration process that blocks harmful contaminants from passing through. A squeeze is all that is required to receive safe drinkable water.

While the bottles themselves are available in different sizes and colors, the filters are usually common across different bottles. The filter element is in the shape of a cartridge made up of permeable resin that only allows pure water and vital minerals to pass through it. Most of harmful pollutants such as heavy metals including aluminum, mercury, iron and lead along with deadly cysts such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia are effectively stopped during the purification process. These filters usually filter between 20 to 60 gallons of water depending on the size and the quality of raw water filtered through it while also indicating automatically as to when they require a replacement.

You will certainly not be able to carry your personal floor home water dispenser cum cooler every time you step outside your home to play sports, hike, and jog or simply travel to another place. In such a case, buying bottled water could be your other option. But buying bottled water is not a very green option since it is not only costly but also causes major environmental damage when you end up with bags full of empty bottles that are difficult to dispose off without causing additional pollution. The best cost-effective option is a water bottle with a reliable filter that allows you to fill up water from any source, be it a tap, faucet, pond, lake or spring. You can check bottles with filters offered by reputed manufacturers such as Pur so as to choose the bottle that is of the right shape and size to fit into your sports bag, bicycle holder or travel bag.

Instead of spending large amounts of money to buy bottled water or taking a risk by drinking water from doubtful sources, simply buy water bottles with filter and remain protected from dangerous bacteria, heavy metals and foul-tasting water at all times. The right water bottle will fit snugly in your bag and provide you with clear and safe drinking water with just a soft squeeze.