Stay wholly hydrated with a water purification bottle

If you are an avid jogger or a hiker, or love playing sports such as tennis, football or basketball among others then you could face a serious problem if you do not remain hydrated at all times. You need to constantly replace the water escaping your body through sweat but only with totally safe drinking water. You can now stay wholly hydrated with a water purification bottle even as you enjoy your passion to the fullest.

Often, while hiking, climbing or trekking, you might not find a totally safe source of fresh water. You could cross streams or rivers but might not realize that they too could be infested with bacteria and cysts such as e-coli, giardia, etc. The innocent looking tap at your tennis court too could harbor water laden with heavy metals or other harmful chemicals. If your only alternative till date has been packaged drinking water then you need to realize the serious consequences of buying bottled water. Due to unclear regulations, you could actually be drinking water that could not even be as safe as your home tap water. Bottled water simply sucks away earth’s vital resources and poses a great problem while disposing empty bottles.

On the other hand, a water purification bottle uses a very effective filtration process that neutralizes almost all harmful minerals, chemicals and micro-organisms while providing you with odor-free water. Although much smaller than a home-based bottleless water cooler dispenser, it can still provide you with safe and totally clear drinking water when you are dehydrated or are traveling or simply hiking away far into those woods. The purifier is a small cartridge filter that usually contains pre-filters and filters made up of activated charcoal and carbon as well as ion-exchange elements and iodine filters that are set in a resin base. After filling the bottle with water from a tap, lake, pond, river or stream, you will simply have to screw on the cap under which the filter is normally attached. You can now simply squeeze the bottle so that water is forced through the filter and emerges out minus the harmful contaminants.

Most companies including Pur offer a wide range of such bottles and purifiers and these filters also indicate when they need to be replaced, which is usually after filtering around 20 to 80 gallons of water depending on the filter size and specification. This method thus works out to be quite cheaper than buying bottled water. You can also use the filtered water in your steam iron since this reduces scaling to a large extent. Make sure that the bottle that you choose fits perfectly in your gym, travel or sports bags so that there is no need to carry it separately. You are certain to make a green decision by shifting from bottled water to a water bottle with a filter.

You now have a choice of choosing a water filter that is cheap, convenient and does not require any electric current to power it. A water purification bottle also helps conserve the environment while easily accepting water from various sources before converting it into totally safe-to-drink drinking water.