How to get the best home water softener

In today’s world we cannot trust the quality of water we get in our taps, as clean and clear water has become the dearest commodity. We not only require clean and clear water for drinking, cooking, and cleaning but also want it so that we do not have huge power bills and also so that our other equipments like boilers, faucets, plumbing work efficiently. Home water softeners are appliances that attract the calcium and magnesium in water and make the water soft for our use. This is done with the help of the sodium present in the beads.

The working of the water softener is very simple. It basically consists of two tanks. When water enters the resin tank the sodium ions present in the salt beads attracts the calcium and magnesium particles and exchanges places with them. Thus the water becomes clear of these harmful particles. When the sodium in the beads is exhausted a control valve present in the tank sets in to action and deposits the calcium and magnesium into a brine tank. The brine tank drains out the calcium and magnesium and replaces the salts.

The result of all this process is that you get clean and clear water that does not stain, smell, or spoil your expensive appliances. It also ensures that your clothes feel softer and whiter when washed in this treated water. You must have noticed Turkish towels washed in ordinary water feel rough but those washed in treated water retain their smoothness.

Generally there are two types of water softeners automatic softeners and Demand initiated systems. In the automatic water softeners there is a timer that controls the ion regeneration process and this is usually done at nights when the water consumption is zero. Whereas in the Demand initiated system everything is automatic and is dictated by the usage of water in the household.

Water softener is not something that you choose and buy off the shelf. Before you buy, you first have to know what your requirements are and then choose one that best suits your needs. Let’s look at the different steps you need to take when buying a water softener.

You will have to determine your exact consumption of water. Generally it is accepted that every American individual uses about 80 gallons of water each day. So a family of 4 will need 320 gallons of water every day. Water has a general hardness of 10 grains per gallon therefore you will need to filter out 3200 grains daily. This will mean that you will need a softener that will have the capacity to match this requirement.

The next step is to identify a water softener that is easy to clean. A solid warranty should be the determining factor as well as prompt after sales service. Whether you go in for an automatic softener, or a demand initiated one, will depend on your water requirements and budget.

The best thing to do before you buy a water softener is to ask for referrals from friends and family. You may also check the internet and browse several websites to read reviews and blogs of happy and satisfied customers before zeroing in on one that appeals to you. Remember the decision is going to have far reaching effects on your finances and health so do due diligence before you buy a water softener for your home.