Installing whole house water filter for clean pure water throughout the household

There are several contaminants in water may it be well water or municipal water. Drinking water must be free from contaminants before you consume it. Usually, we install point of use filtering systems to overcome such a problem. However, contaminants like iron, manganese, dirt, sand can cause staining and scaling of bathroom fixtures and even the electrical appliances. Often iron and scale buildup damages plumbing system throughout your homes. In such cases a better solution is to use whole house water filter system rather than point of use systems.

Whole house water filter is usually connected to the main water line that enters your homes. This enables filtered, cleaned water to reach all places, faucets, showers, baths, kitchen and laundry. There are different types of whole house water filter systems available to suit your needs. Depending upon level of contamination of water and need for removal of specific contaminants you can get appropriate one for your homes.

There are several manufacturers of whole house water filter systems. You can find some really good systems like GE household water filtration unit, Aquasana’s Rhino whole house water filter, Crystal Quest’s Eagle compact whole house water filters, Culligan whole house systems, Whirlpool and several others. Most manufacturers use state of art filtration systems to reduce sediment, chlorine, iron, sulfur, sand, rust and other contaminants that are harmful to you and your home plumbing and appliances.

When you buy a whole house water filter you have to take into consideration the filter size, filter life, flow rate and port size. Depending upon size of your homes you may select the appropriate filter size. Generally flow rate, measured in gallons per minute, should also be considered so that you get an uninterrupted, comfortable water pressure even during peak use throughout the house.

Whole house water filter systems have different stages of filters. Typically they would have sediment filter cartridge in the first stage to reduce sediments, silt, sand and dirt. Commonly the next stages may include various micron filter pads, ion exchange resin, GAC which would be able to remove hundreds of contaminants effectively. The last stage mostly includes a solid carbon filter that would enable removal of volatile organic carbon compounds like insecticides, VOCs, pesticides and industrial solvents.

The best thing about whole house water filter system is you get clean, pure water at every source in the house. With chemicals like chlorine removed immediately after entering home’s plumbing system, they are not released into air. It also does not become embedded in clothing. Overall with removal of contaminants you would experience a reduction in soap scum on dishes and find clothes fresher and cleaner. If you have softeners along with whole house filters you would also be substantially relieved from unsightly staining of bathrooms and kitchenware.

With appropriate whole house water filters for your homes you can feel the difference in the water you use. It proves to be beneficial for overall health of entire household. It means good health of you plumbing system as well as heating and other appliances. Ultimately you can feel assured of the water quality even during breakdown in municipal water treatment and sanitation.