Learn as to how does flavored water affect plant growth

You might already be reaping the benefits of drinking flavored water purchased in bottled form or made right at your home. But do you know that flavored water can also affect the growth of plants? Learn as to how does flavored water affect plant growth so that your plants too can enjoy the benefits of flavored water.

If you have been sipping on various delicious flavors offered by bottled flavored water such as dasani, clearly canadian, aqualife or pure life among others then these might not be suitable for watering your plants. Some of these brands do contain sugar, calories or artificial sweeteners such as aspartame or sucralose. These additives cannot be processed by plants and will either end up as crusts on the soil or might even pose a problem in the healthy development of plants. Sugar in flavored water can also end up inviting unwanted pests and even cause harmful bacteria to flourish in the surrounding soil. Thus, bottled flavored water would be best enjoyed by you and your loved ones instead of feeding it to your loved plants.

Many people also water their plants with plain filtered water. This could help in the growth of plants provided the filtered water does not contain excessive minerals or remnants of any harmful chemicals. Pitcher filters such as brita or even filters fitted in most dispensers can easily remove most heavy metals and minerals along with harmful bacteria and this water could certainly be suitable for plants. Readymade packaged filtered water might be suitable for plants but it would surely be a pain to carry the bottles from your neighborhood store and then haul empty bottles away for disposal.

Homemade flavored water that is made using several mouth-watering flavors such as black currant, peach, melon, raspberry, strawberry and many such more could certainly be tried on your plants. The best way to proceed would be to water your plants for a few days and make a note on the effect of flavored water on the growth of your plants. Flavored water that does not contain calories, sugar, preservatives or artificial colors or sweeteners is best suited for watering plants. If your plant remains healthy and even shows a marked improvement then your plants are obviously happy with the flavored water and you can safely continue watering them. In addition, you can also make your plant listen to soothing music although music such as that from the album Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water from Limp Bizkit might not be welcome by your plant unless it loves hard rock. Also, keep an eye on the surrounding soil and stop watering your plants with flavored water if you notice crusting or an attack by bugs or bacteria.

Who doesn’t love flavored water? Even your plants might appreciate a healthy dose of homemade flavored water and could show their appreciation by growing fast. Once you know as to how does flavored water affect plant growth then you can certainly ensure that your plants turn healthier even as you too enjoy sipping on your flavored water.