Limp bizkit – hot dog flavored water album rocks

For hard rock fans, Limp Bizkit is one such band that has always come up with a wide collection of songs in each album that hit harder than the previous ones. Limp Bizkiit’s third album Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water was released in the year 2000 and instantly went on to latch on to the top of the billboard charts for weeks on end. Even now, for fans of limp bizkit – hot dog flavored water album rocks and this is supported by the fact that over 12 million copies of the album have been sold all over the world till date.

The title of the album Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water did not bear any direct resemblance to most of the words mentioned in it, but in fact was more of a cover for expletive adult vocabulary. The title was actually thought of by Wes Borland, who played the guitar in the band when he visited a truck stop during his tour and saw a container holding pickled eggs and wondered if the same could be done with hot dogs. He also thought that the flavor of hot dogs could be used in flavoring bottled water and then marketed, thus conjuring up the name of the album.

Anyway, in spite of mixed reactions, the band managed to sell more than a million albums in the first week of the launch itself. The album contains hit songs including “Livin it up”, “Getcha groove on”, “Hold on”, and “Hot Dog”, which includes repetitive expletives that could floor any weak hearted rock fan. All the songs in the album are anyway suited only for mature hard-rock fans. The videos of some of the songs in the album too received critical acclaim and “Rollin” won the best video award from MTV in the year 2001. As compared to the album, actual flavored water is extremely mild and tasty in the best manner possible.

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