Simple ways on how to make flavored water

If you hate drinking plain water and do not like to carry bottled water from stores then you can easily make delicious flavored water in your own home. Homemade flavored water can in fact be tastier and healthier than most bottled water and you can now also remain hydrated without getting bored. Here are some simple ways on how to make flavored water right at home.

One healthy way of making flavored water at home is to buy your favorite fruits from your neighborhood grocery and then slice them into thin pieces. You can also dice them into small cubes and then put them in a chilled pitcher of water. Make sure that the water is filtered through a brita filter or any other suitable filter so that there are no chances of any harmful bacteria or chemicals attacking your body or those of your loved ones. If your home is fitted with one of those dispensers that dispenses chilled water then all the more better. You can now enjoy flavored water and even get to happily eat your favorite fruits at the same time. You can also mix different fruits to create your own unique fruity flavors and children too will happily eat the fruits when you present them in such an attractive manner.

Another easy and healthy way, especially for diabetics is to simply order for flavor bottle concentrates over the Internet and get them home delivered. You can now simply squeeze a few drops of these tasty fruit flavors in your filtered water and enjoy drinking homemade flavored water that is completely devoid of any sugar, calories, preservatives or artificial colors or sweeteners such as aspartame. You can also throw in a few cubes of ice to get an enhanced drink that can safely be sipped all day long. You can make a wide variety of flavored drinks very fast and even add honey or chocolate to get a unique flavor that could tickle your palate and those of your loved ones. There are no negative effects on your growth and you can also stay safely hydrated by enjoying your flavored drinks on a daily basis.

You can also choose from various brands of pre-mixed bottled flavored water such as aquafina or dasani. Other brands such as clearly canadian and pure life also offer various interesting flavors that can simply be purchased and enjoyed immediately. However you will have to carry these bottles from the store and should also remember that some of these drinks do contain sugar, calories and artificial sweeteners, thus making them unsafe for frequent drinking. However, it does not pose a problem if you enjoy this type of flavored water occasionally. It does not matter as to how you choose your flavors but it is important to remember that the flavored water should not adversely affect your health even if you drink that water by the gallon on a daily basis.

These easy methods can show you on how to make flavored water right at home. You can enjoy choosing from various delicious flavors and keep on changing your flavors so as to remain tastily motivated to drink more water. Your loved ones too will enjoy visiting your home to drink this deliciously flavored water.