Stay healthy with fruit flavored water

A tasty alternative to drinking the same staid water is to infuse it with fruit flavorings. This will enhance the taste of water and compel your lips to sip on it at regular intervals. You can stay healthy with fruit flavored water as you tastily keep dehydration at bay.

If you have a little time in your hands then you can certainly immerse pieces of fruits into cold water so as to transform it into a healthy drink. For example, you can slice up a pineapple and put some of the pieces inside while squeezing others so as to create that wonderful taste. You can do the same with grapes, oranges, passionfruit, apple, etc so as to turn each pitcher of water into a tasty drink. You can also add a dash of lemon to provide a zing to your flavored water. Children too will love to drink this delectable water while being amazed at the pieces of fruits floating around in the pitcher. However, care should be taken to drink the water as soon as possible instead of allowing it to stand on for days. You will also require a little time to clean and cut the fruits of your choice before you can make your favorite flavored drink.

One cost-effective method of making fruit flavored water at home that is gaining strength worldwide is to simply squeeze some drops of fruit flavoring into a dispenser or pitcher full of filtered water. You can use a brita filter and dispenser to store the flavored water and safely pour out your flavored drink from time to time. Dispensers with coolers are also ideal if you require instant cold water to flavor your drinks fast. You can easily get the right dispenser, filter, pitcher and flavoring bottles of your favorite flavors home delivered by visiting reputed websites and clicking on their order form. However, you should specifically choose flavors that do not have a single calorie, or sugar, color, preservatives or artificial sweeteners such as aspartame or sucralose since you would surely be drinking your flavored water in place of plain water. Flavors such as passionfruit, peach, raspberry, lemon, etc can be blended together to create wonderful new flavors. It does not matter if you do not mix the flavors correctly in the first attempt since once you know on how to blend the flavors perfectly then you are sure to enjoy drinking each drop of your deliciously flavored water. This flavored water will not affect your health in any adverse way while still keeping you fully hydrated.

If you do not even have time to make your own flavored water then there is one more alternative, albeit a costlier one. You can choose from the many brands of packaged flavored water available in most neighborhood and online stores. You can select mouth-watering fruity flavors from aquafina or dasani or clearly canadian among others and simply open a bottle to drink the tasty contents. You can also carry the bottle in your gym bag and sip the flavored water during your exercise routine. Again, make sure that you choose water does not have any artificial additives or caffeine so that your health is not compromised in any way.

You now have multiple choices of making your own fruit flavored water right at home or simply buying a bottle off the shelf. You can try out different flavors so as to keep the interest alive even as you drink your flavored water with renewed vigor.