Drink baking soda water to be benefit from its neutralizing effect on stomach acids

You have a wonderful friend in your kitchen. Baking soda packets are readily available at hand. If you have not tried it yet, try to drink baking soda water once in while. It is a wonderful solution to your stomach related problems. Baking soda helps in relieving you from indigestion, acid reflux and other ailments. Baking soda and vinegar at home are wonderful home remedies, easy to make and ones that give you comfort to a large extent without side effects.

Health drinks are no doubt necessary. Do you want to save a few dollars and yet ensure health of your family? You can easily make sports drinks at home to quench you thirst. All you need is one tablespoon salt, one teaspoon baking soda, five teaspoons sugar and maybe a pack of sugar free kool aid or any other children’s drink. If you like it cold, pour it into a container and refrigerate it. Put it into the sports bottle and carry it anywhere you go. A very healthy drink is ready and at little costs as compared to your health drinks.

Stomach ailments like indigestion can be controlled if you drink baking soda water. To make an effective medicine all you need is one tablespoon baking soda and one tablespoon common salt. Dissolve the two in eight ounces of water. It may not have a very pleasant taste, so drink it down quickly. However, make sure you are not so fast to increase the discomfort. Baking soda water solution can really work well and reduce gas problems, heartburn and indigestion. Add lemon juice to such water to make it taste better.

Baking soda is a remedy for acid reflux. You can prepare a baking soda water mixture and add some vinegar to it. The concoction bubbles in some time. In about 5 seconds when bubbles settle down a bit drink it. In about 15 minutes you would feel better. Baking soda is useful as it neutralizes acid within your stomach. After you drink the mixture there is a belching feeling. It can be actually a welcome belch as it releases ton of pressure that gives you that uneasy feeling all the time. It works wonders as gas is release after it neutralizes the stomach acids.

Drinking soda water is a good solution if you are experiencing heartburn. Soda crackers that often accompany your favorite foods contains bicarbonate of soda and cream of tartar. Keep it handy so that you can use it when you immediately want relief from heartburn.

Drink baking soda water with proper care. It is better to seek advice if you have ailments like kidney damage, low calcium levels, congestive heart failure and high blood pressure levels.

Alkaline water is healthy. You can add baking soda to make water alkaline. Alkaline ionized water can also be beneficial as it removes any toxic complexes in our body system.  Drinking baking soda water is also helpful for your gout problems. It has alkalizing effect as well as helps dissolve the MSU gout. Taken with due care and in consultation with your doctor it can be really a good solution.

You can find several benefits of drinking baking soda water. Ensure that you use each component in the right proportion to ensure it is effective.