Bottled Water And Caps And Five Gallon

Bottled water has become an easy and efficient option for people worldwide to have a constant supply of safe and clean drinking water. Especially in places where the municipal water supply is not available or is of doubtful quality, five gallon water bottles along with water dispensers have proved to be a boon. The added advantage is that there is no need to bother about the plumbing, no hassles of placing the dispensers near the sink only. The dispensers come in most sleek and stylish designs and add and element of style to any place they are kept in. The refill bottles, complete with caps, are easily available and can be ordered online also.

Bottled water is not only reliable in terms of safety; it also comes with the advantage of portability and ease of installation. The refill bottles are generally of a single standard size and can be used with all models of water five gallon water dispensers be it the countertop model, the top loading model or the bottom loading model.

The caps on these bottles are meant to be removed before fitting the bottle on to a dispenser. The caps come in a variety of colors and shapes but the size is same so that the caps fit all standard bottles. The cap may be a sport cap, which is a push and pull type of cap or it may be a simple cap.

Caps for bottled water are generally made of PE materials. They should be completely non toxic or else the water in the bottle may get contaminated. The cap should be tight fitting with good sealing capacity so that there is no spillage when the water bottles are stored in a rack. Non spill caps also make for no loss of water while carrying water bottles from stores to home or office. The standard size of water bottle caps is fifty six mm. This is the size of the mouth of all bottles and thus these caps can seal the bottles securely.

The caps for a five gallon water bottle may be simple caps, which need a foam lining to make them spill free. The foam is also known as O ring liner. The foam acts as a cushion between the bottle and the cap and prevents water from spilling though the tiny gap between the bottle and the cap. Again the cap may come with a top protection lid, an inner stopper along with a foam liner for extra safety during movement. The caps on bottles should be checked at the time of purchase to ensure that no water is wasted when the refill bottles are carried from the store.

Bottled water is a necessity in places where there is no scope for plumbing or for camping trips or in summers when the supply water might not be sufficient for all members. While buying water dispensers and refill bottles, it is important to check that the cap should be of good quality and should fit the bottle tightly. This ensures that the water stays clean and does not get wasted. Nowadays the caps are even designed to make the bottle look attractive.