Hot water dispenser tank

Instant hot water dispenser tank is a kitchen appliance that features a small tank for the water and a faucet that is usually mounted near the kitchen sink. These kitchen appliances are very handy to have around and one can easily get addicted to their convenience and the handy availability of instant hot water whenever needed. If your house has small children or even elderly people then this appliance is extremely convenient because of the ease with which one can make instant tea, coffee, noodles, pasta, baby feed, hot chocolate, soups and sauces etc.

The unit provides you with very hot water 190F which makes preparation of food and even types of cleaning in the house less burdensome and time-consuming. The tank based dispensers have a knob for temperature adjustment according to your personal needs. The range of temperature varies from one type of hot water dispenser to the other. Maximum temperatures are set to 190 or 200F while the minimum is set to 140 or 160F. Dispenser faucets are usually available in a wide range of colors from white, copper, gold etc to chrome finishes.

Easy to use features that range from long levers, automatic shut-off and handles that are spring loaded are installed on faucet models. Many hot water dispenser tanks can heat up to 60 cups of water per hour which is considered ideal for home and office use. Not all instant hot water dispenser faucets are sold along with the tank which sometimes has to be bought separately.

The hot water dispenser tank is easy to clean. Wait till it is cool before you wipe it with a damp, soft and cool rag till it is dry. It is advisable not to use cleaners that are abrasive on the unit. NEVER IMMERSE THE UNIT IN WATER. If your unit accumulates lime deposits over the years in the heating chamber, this could cause the water to take longer to heat. In this case it is important to unplug the unit first and then add ½ cup of distilled white vinegar, ½ cup of water and 8 fluid oz ea to the heating chamber, letting it remain till the deposit is removed. Dispense the water and let it drain thoroughly. Do not heat the solution. You will then have to run fresh water through the hot water dispenser to clean it.

The uses of the hot water dispenser tank are truly endless and apart from the uses mentioned above, one can make herbal tea, oatmeal, cereal, baby formula and other recipes. While installing the hot water dispenser tank you should make sure that the tank is mounted vertically under the kitchen sink within reach of the electrical and plumbing connections. The tank should also be mounted straight/level so that proper operation is ensured. Do not extend the electrical or plumbing lines and ensure that the tank is correctly located within 30″ or less from the grounded outlet and 16″ of the faucet. There should be enough of clearance for drainage if necessary on the tank’s underside.